Does Jack Parow have an ulterior motive?

25 Aug Jack Parow - OdeToYou

Jack Parow - NagVanDieLangPetteJack Parow launched a new video today. 
No swearing, no booze, no killing of any pop stars… and it’s got quite an Afro feel to it.

In fact, it’s a happy tune dedicated to the working class heroes of society.
It features everyday people, like you and me. Not just wanksters from the fake flats or high profile bling people from PRETentiousville. Just normal, average South Africans.

Now, this might prompt certain sceptics to ask whether Parow has gone soft. Maybe he has some hidden ploy to make the common man his fan. In fact, is he trying to fake something different just to infiltrate a new market and make more money by associating with a wider audience?

I have had the privilege of meeting up with Mr Parow and chatting to him on different occasions in different circumstances. From the more formal introductions when I MC’d a show where he was headlining, to backstage chatter at smaller shows and the occasional kakpraat at a party.
Based on this, I can personally refute any of such possible accusations. 

Sure, catering for a wider spectrum of potential fans is a great business move, and I respect that. Fact is, the Jack Parow I see in this video is closer to the real life Jack than most of his other videos. In my eyes, he has always been the perpetual common man. As an entertainer hard working and innovative. As a person, just plain nice. The type of guy you could easily chat to a braai or chat to about mundane things like rugby.

Jack Parow has been the focus of much controversy and targeted media criticism. In this case, for any potential fault-seekers, I can simply say this: Grow up, and appreciate a lekker tune by a lekker dude.

In case you have not yet experienced it, here’s the video for Jack Parow – ODE TO YOU ft Nonku. Also, do yourself a favour a watch the videos preceding this one, where you see some of the behind the scenes action.

What do you think? Am I completely nuts or do you echo my opinions?
Do comment, do share, don’t wear crocs.

Die Silver Lining – ‘n Gedig

15 Aug

Daar is baie kak in die wêreld. Soms deal ek daarmee deur iets te skryf.

Hierdie was een van daai tye. Die dinge in die nuus en mense se houdings daaroor het net een te veel geword.
Ek’t die rympie opgesê by die opening van laasmaand se Dowe Digters. Dis anders, ‘n ander styl, as wat ek al ooit gedoen het.
Lees gerus, laat weet wat jy dink, en soos gewoonlik: Onthou my standard disclaimer.

Cloud with Silver Lining

Die Silver Lining

Ek is nie een vir negatiewe rympies nie
So kom ons begin waar ek sou klaarmaak
Daar is altyd
‘n silver


Dis waar
It never rains but it pours
In fact dit reen katte en honne
En sekuriteitswagte en lektore
Ten minste kan ons seker wees van Rus
Land se manier om rus te verstoor
En met ‘n moerse sla(a)g
Van verligting sit jy ten  minste in jou binneshuise verhitting
En verwonder jouself aan die vermetelheid
van die straat
naam veranderings
O ja, seker straatkinners ook

Jy het ‘n stem, net jammer jy sing hom
Jy het probeer… MET jou beste geweer
Jy glo in jou eie verkose god…deloosheid
Jy create jou eie roetines om teen roetine te rebeleer

Ons word almal meegesleur
net soos ‘n kind in ‘n hijacking
En dit maak seer
as jy aan al die drama dink
Maar seer sekerlik nie so seer soos vir daai kind nie

It never rains but it pours
Maar loer na die silver lining
Ten minste het ons nog
Suiwer Afrikaans.


@BaasDeBeer, 2014

Starting a Cuervolucíon baby

12 Aug JCI-C--launch-coverphoto

JCI-21_300x250Call it madness, but Jose Cuervo is at it again
Over the years we’ve come to know them as one of the most fun, funky and creative drinks in the world.
(Advertising should fit the brand, and let’s face it: After a few tequilas you too are more fun *wink*)
Their new campaign simply serves to reinforce this fact.

I mean, name 1 other brand who managed to get 100’s and 100’s (if not thousands) of fans, to simultaneously change their profile pictures on FB and twitter… and in the process effectively hide their faces behind a big yellow Nacho Libre style mask.
Can’t name one? Neither can I.

Cuervolución Face Collage


Now as I have it, this is the new campaign from Cuervo’s side for the foreseeable future, so expect a lot more of this. In fact, as someone who does this for a living, when I think about the potential this campaign has, I cannot help but be jealous that I didn’t think of it.

I think I need a mask like this in real life. If you can hook me up, let me know…
In the meantime, when you see me, feel free to buy me a shot of Cuervo!

Check out the Jose Cuervo Facebook page for more info, and get in involved. I take it that I would not be wrong in suggesting that there’s a lot more fun to come.

I think their message is kinda clear, don’t you?


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