New Beginnings

4 Jan

Go to Google. Search for “new beginnings“. Check out the images.

For some reason, and I am not entirely sure why, “new beginnings” automatically conjures up images of water, plants, psychedelic rainbows,  hands and some obscure rock. I would personally have thought that there would have been more references to birth, roads and maybe some sci-fi monkey on Mars. But hey, who am I to argue with The Google? (NOBODY argues with Google . . . and lives)

So here I am, thinking about new beginnings (and inter alia rainbows, plants, hands and a rock).

The Mystical Resolution Rainbow

Rainbows are beautiful. They just happen, or with some clever hosepipe work you can make them. You can, however, never touch them. If you try, you are just the wet kid with the hosepipe running around in the yard.  Standing at the beginning of 2011, many people try to do just that: Create ‘New Beginnings” for themselves. These rainbow resolutions are, in my not so humble opinion, a waste of time. Creating a resolution simply because the date has changed, will bring you nowhere nearer to a new beginning than that wet kid with the hosepipe to the rainbow.


Plants - Nice, green, and temporary

Surely plants offer us a much more accurate basis for a metaphor when it comes to New Beginnings. Just mentioning plants conjures up images of growth, life and work. As you can imagine, these are three great ingredients to create a new beginning with. Your imagination is not wrong, yet it is misleading. You see, plants still offer you a few get-out-of-jail-free cards. If you go away on holiday, you can get a neighbour’s kid to look after your pet petunia. If said kid stuffs it up (it’s always the kid, never you) you can just plant another one. This might sound like a good thing, but it is not. You see, if you have this easy-out option, a backdoor if you will, you will subconsciously always take it. No, a plant cannot be a new beginning. It is merely a nice green thing.

By process of elimination, I am left with hands and rock. Which one do you think embodies new beginnings? I say hands.

A Handy Metaphor

You see, unless by some or other medical miracle or horrendous accident, odds are you have two hands – most probably the same two you have had since birth. A new beginning is not a destruction of the previous attempt, it is the adaption of what is already there. If your hands are dirty, you don’t chop them off and buy new ones. You wash them (or at least wipe them on the inside of your pockets like a good bachelor at a braai). Hands speak of hard work, but when the hard work is done, you still have your hands (hopefully). You have to look after your hands, but your hands will look after you as well. In essence, my hands represent to me the fact that any change and growth I want accomplish, is up to me. The process is part of the reward, and the reward is part of the motivation for the next step. So as far as new beginning-metaphors go, hands tend to come in handy.

Life is a series of new beginnings. Embrace the change needed to give you that new beginnings, and then work hard to make it a reality!

Oh, and the rock? Well kids – Stop listening to crap. Rather listen to ROCK!

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