Dudes of Hazard

22 Jan

These dudes are, well, hazardous. No jokes.

Before you ask, no, they are not a band, but I’m sure that if you ask them nicely they will do very weird things with your old guitar and drums. Like eat them.

You see, Dudes of Hazard is a group of  insane guys with nothing better to do than put their bodies (and sanity) on the line for some good, unhealthy fun.  You might think that they are just another Jackass ripoff. Well, maybe. But their video’s are much better presented. None of that “play the same 3 seconds over  and over and over for 12 minutes” stuff. It’s action. It’s quick. It’s happening! There’s also no rehearsed crap.

To put it this way: I don’t like Jackass. I like Dudes of Hazard. Point made.

The best part is, that they are open for dares. If you can think of something to do, odds are they will do it. Go on, try them out, you know you want to…

To give you a quick background, dudes of Hazard is situated in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, South Africa.  Of all places. But hey,  if there’s nothing to do in your town, you make your own fun.
They started their crazy antics in 2008, and have been going strong since then.


  • Jo Vaara
  • Chuck Morris
  • Pete Pistol

To put the Dudes of Hazard to you in a nutshell, I can’t do better than to misquote their slogan:
“They try it  at home, so you don’t have to”

Links for your clicking pleasure:

I will, in the following 3 weeks, feature each Dude individually, as well as more of their latest videos. Be sure to check in again, and spread the insanity…

Now,without further ado, here’s of the first Dudes of Hazard videos :

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