RAMFEST BAND REVIEW: BLK JKS and Desmond & the Tutus

16 Mar

As I promised in my general review of Ramfest 2011… Here are the band reviews!

Let me just start of by saying that I am not sorry if I offend anyone. Even if that “anyone” happens to be the family, friends and junkies (all no doubt the same people) that actually like BLK JKS. After all, as the legendary Henno Kruger of Running Wolf Rant says “Honesty is needed in rock journalism”

There, now that that is out there, I can do my first RAMFEST 2011 Band Review:



Overrated, overexposed and overall just not that good. Yes, it was my first time seeing them perform live, and usually I give a band at LEAST 2 shows to prove themselves, so even though I’m open to the idea of being proven wrong (and I hope I can be) I doubt that I will be.  Feel free to contradict me.

My Recommendation: Give them a miss, unless they are followed by amazing bands to make the rest of the event awesome.


Desmond & The Tutus

It was my first live experience of this band, but one experience was all I needed to realise that I like them.
I was already a fan of their funky, vibey music and quirky lyrics before, but it so often happens that a band loses that edge on stage. Desmond & the Tutus lost nothing. In fact, just by looking at them on stage, you have to agree that this band is different (in a good way) than most other acts you will see.
I think their edge comes in that they don’t try too hard to be cool. They just are. And in their own way, it works for them. If any other band were to try and cover their songs, it would probably feel like watching a hearse transporting clowns. Something would not fit.

Do yourself a favour and take a look at the Desmond & The Tutus website (make sure to get a virtual hi5), follow them on Twitter and become a “Desmond & The Tutus Kid” on Facebook

My Recommendation: Take your drink, put a curly straw in it, and rush to the front of the stage with your friends. You are in for a treat!






Tomorrow, I’m featuring 2 more bands that were at Ramfest 2011. And remember to follow RAMfest on Twitter

(All pictures courtesy of Henno Kruger)

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