Nazi’ing: My Passive Protest For Freedom Of Meme

30 Jul

So, planking (and lately owling) have taken the internet by storm. As with anything internet related, it got rather old rather quickly. Personally, for me it was over before it began…

In the face of these memes, two of TuksFM107.2‘s DJ’s did ‘n mock-meme,called Nazi’ing. The main idea is to fake a little Hitler’tache with your one hand by placing two fingers on your upper lip, while using your other hand extended in a classic Nazi salute.

It’s silly, it’s fun and it didn’t hurt anyone. Thus, an average wanabe meme.

Then, the proverbial excrement hit the airconditioner. Some humour-deprived, over-sensitive habitual bitchers, decided they want to make up for being bullied at school (or having daddy issues, or a small penis etc). A few complaints against the station came in, and in the end they had to remove the blog-post featuring the two DJ’s Nazi’ing. For a full report (and the ridiculous comments made by these bitchers, read the Channel24 article here. The irony of this article, is that the reporter not only got the date on which the incident happened wrong, but also the DJ’s involved. Rob Forbes was away on holiday, and Retief van der Liefde was filling in for him with PJ van Rooyen. So much for accurate reporting, hey?

Anyway, this whole thing inspired me to take a few pictures of my own. I just want to thank abovementioned bitchers for inspiring me to do so, for without you I would’ve thought the same of Nazi’ing as I do of Planking… lame.
Now, Nazi’ing actually means something. It means standing up for our constitutional right to freedom of expression, and our inherent right to having a sense of humour. But more importantly, it’s one big fat screw you to the Bitchers of The World.

Lastly, just a congratulatory high5 to Loutjie van der Merwe, TuksFM‘s Station Head, for the way in which he handled the matter. With a man like him in charge, the future of Rock Radio in South Africa is looking good!

And now, ladies and gents, are some of the pictures:

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