The problem with having an awesome life

3 Sep

I have an awesome life.

I am not super rich, I don’t own everything I want to and I certainly haven’t done or experienced half of what I intend to do. More so I don’t know everything I need to or understand all I can.
I do, however, have an awesome life.

I get to hang out with awesome friends, attend awesome gigs and get to know more and more awesome people. I am privileged enough to work with awesome people doing an awesome job I really love doing.

My playground extends from the physical to the virtual. I love twitter, facebook and my blog. It keeps met entertained when insomnia strikes, it informs and enlightens me on a daily basis. Hell, it even boosts all the aforementioned awesomenesses in the “real” world!

The only problem with this, is that I am inadvertently faced with a catch 22 situation:

Doing all these awesome things keeps me so busy, that I often don’t have time to blog about them.

Now I am a firm believer that a blog should be interesting, captivating and representative of who the blogger IS, not just who he/she wants to be or thinks they should be. My life is filled with enough blogable material to probably post something exciting every day. However, should I start doing that, I will have to scale down on the awesome stuff I do, and spen even more time online. Then my posts will become mundane.

so i guess what I am tryin to say, is that I post when i can, without losing out on the general awesomeness which is known as my day to day existence. If you feel that I shoudl post more, just follow me on twitter and you will get an overdose 🙂










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