Arcade Empire: Now TRULY an instagrammer’s heaven

2 Apr

Arcade Food pic by InfinityI always knew that Arcade Empire (best live music and party venue in Pretoria, if not the whole of South Africa) had a talent for dishing up some pretty awesome food. Their burgers were amazing and the pizzas top-notch. When they therefore invited me to come taste their latest food-creations, I was quite excited to say the least. (Think about the fat-boy/cake equation)

Now, I’m not a food snob, so to name food and describe its probable secret ingredients while pondering upon the deeper meaning of life as the chef put into the rolling of the pastries is quite frankly beyond me. I am, however, a fan of good food. And that’s what Arcade Empire gave me. There were burny chikeny things and doughy cheesy stuff. Some good ol’ T-Bone steak, pizza’s, calamari and meatball that could just as well have starred in a porno. I must highlight the cheesy awesomeness of the Chicken Cordon Bleu! (That’s how Google spells it). It was like a taste explosion in your mouth, exemplifying the subtle undertones of hand made cheese sauce and… it was freaking yummy, ok?

If you would like a better description of exactly what it was that we ate, take a look at some of my mates’ blogs. They clearly classy-dined more with their parents as kids:

See? They’re good bloggers to follow as well, btw…

So what’s the moral of the story kids? Easy:
If you have never eaten at Arcade Empire, don’t be stupid. Do it! Take your instagram-machine and do the #FoodPic thing. I know you want to…

Check out @ArcadeEmpire on twitter. It’s the awesome thing to do…


4 Responses to “Arcade Empire: Now TRULY an instagrammer’s heaven”

  1. Rossandra White 3 April 2013 at 00:32 #

    Hmm, I’ll have to check this place out when I’m back in SA . Visiting from A-Z Challenge. Cheers!

    • BaasDeBeer 3 April 2013 at 17:21 #

      It’s the premium live music and party venue in SA, so if you like a good time, that’s what you have to do 🙂


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