Goodnight Wembley… no, it’s Goodnight Wembley!

19 Apr

If there ever was a band that deserves to have an exclamation mark at the end of their name, it’s Goodnight Wembley!

Let’s start things off with a music video, and i’ll tell you a more about them after that.

Great, now that you know what they sound like, let’s get down to business…

Goodnight Wembley LogoGoodnight Wembley! is a collaborative effort between the members of a few other (also awesome) bands.

  • George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence) – Vocals
  • Nic Gaud (7th Son) – Guitar & Vocals
  • Alex Krause (Dead Lucky) – Guitar
  • Gideon de Kock (Like Knives/Yes Sir! Mister Machine) – Bass Guitar
  • Jean Labuschagne (Dead Lucky/Bilderberg Motel) – Drum

The band is based in Cape Town, and draw on their diverse musical backgrounds to create something new and exciting.

Breaking news today, was that Goodnight Wembley! has signed with Sony Music Africa, and announced the release of their debut album, BANG

The first time I heard Goodnight Wembley!, I knew that this was a band to keep an eye on. From the word go, they attacked the South African music scene with passion. They managed to turn things upside down by releasing a music video (the one above) even before they had a fanbase to speak of. It did of course help that every member had his fans from his other bands ready and rearing to experience this new musical phenomenon, but that does not lessen the effect that Goodnight Wembley! has had in the bigger scheme of things since they started in January 2012.

Goodnight Wembley! at Jozifest (photo: Henno Kruger)

Goodnight Wembley! at Jozifest
(photo: Henno Kruger)

Each musician managed to stay true to himself, not suddenly becoming a different person because he was in another band. Yet, somehow they managed to entwine their unique attributes and create an almost flawless new product. Every time I see them live (and I would encourage you to do so as a soon as possible) it’s obvious that they are not resting on their laurels. They are in fact working harder and harder to create better songs than the last ones. With an evolutionary path like this, you can bet your ass that Goodnight Wembley! will one day, years and years from now, be remembered as the band that took South Africa (and hopefully the world) by the horns and made it their bitch.

And the bitch enjoyed it.

Check them out:


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