Join #SCUBAAS and BraaiBoy in Sodwana

20 May

I was recently hit, and hit hard by the awesomeness of SCUBA diving.

Thanx to the awesome people at GEKO Divers, not only am I still alive, but I’m enjoying every moment of learning how to experience even more of the awesomeness that life gives us.

Having recently completed my PADI Open Water course, I am well amped to start doing as much diving as possible. This coming week, at STRAB Festival in Ponta Malongane (Mozambique), I’ll get my first taste of sea-diving. (SUPER EXCITED!)

What does all of this have to do with Sodwana? Well…

BraaiBoy Baas Geko Sodwana 2
So yes, in June (14-18 to be precise) my friend BraaiBoy and myself will be joining Geko Divers in Sodwana. We would like you to join us, either as a diver or just to have fun in the sun. It’s gonna be one massive dive/braai/party weekend.

For more info, click the picture above or check out these links:




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