24 hour dating show: Join us for Starlight Express

5 Jul

On Sunday 7 July 2013, my mate Ruan and I will be going to the Joburg Theatre to see Starlight Express, Andrew Lloyd Webber super famous rock musical.
The thing is, neither of us have a date for the occasion. Being self professed geeks, we have logically devised a fun little social media experiment to fill those positions. No pun intended. Really.

Calling this a dating show might be a slight exaggeration though. It’s more, as mentioned, an experiment. We want to see if we can get dates by just making use of Facebook and Twitter. However, there is a catch:

girls tweetingThe Catch

We get to pick each other’s dates.

That’s right, from the millions of entries we receive, I will pick Ruan’s date for the evening and he will pick mine.
The first time we get to know who our respective dates are is when we rock up at the Joburg Theatre.

How to enter

If you’re a single lady (we don’t need black eyes from jealous boyfriends or husbands) living in/around Jozi/Pretoria, and you would like to join us for this night of musical awesomeness, here’s what you need to do:

To get Ruan – Send a tweet to @BaasDeBeer using these tags: #RuanPlus1 #StarlightExpressSA

To get me – Send a tweet to @RuanHaHa using these tags: #BaasPlus1 #StarlightExpressSA

The Chosen Ones will be picked and informed at exactly 15:30 on Saturday, 6 July. Given the secrecy aspect of the experience, the winners (some might say victims) will only be live-tweeted once we have met our dates. So no spoilers please 😉

Ruan LiebenbergA bit about Ruan Liebenberg

Ruan is a 22 year old with a sense of humour and boyish good looks. That’s what they tell me… But hey, I’m not the one wanting to date him.

After a few years of friendship, I’m still not exactly sure what he does, but it involves architects and contractors and stuff like that. He’s funny, smart and has much better dress sense than I do. You can find him on twitter as @RuanHaHa and also on Facebook.




Baas de BeerA bit about Christo Baas de Beer (That’s me)

31 according to my ID, 25 in my heart and 21 when I’m partying. A firm believer that growing old is optional. Lover of music, comedy, people and life in general. I get paid to make stuff famous and talk shit on stage. Allegedly I’m a good kisser, but seeing as I’ve never kissed myself, I can’t vouch for that. On twitter I parade as @BaasDeBeer and you can also stalk me on Facebook.

A bit on Starlight Express

Essentially a rock musical, STARLIGHT EXPRESS follows a child’s dream in which his toy train set comes to life; famously the actors perform wearing roller skates.  The Joburg Theatre 2013 production of STARLIGHT EXPRESS will be the first ever ‘non-replica’ interpretation officially licensed by Lloyd Webber and his Really Useful Theatre Company since the show’s inception in 1984.

If you are not picked (apologies in advance) to accompany us, don’t worry… The show will keep hearts pounding and feet tapping with its breathless energy until Sunday September 1st. Tickets start at R100 and can be purchased on www.joburgtheatre.com or by calling the theatre’s direct ticketing line on 0861 670 670.

On Twitter you can chat to @joburgtheatre. The hashtag being #StarlightExpressSA

So what are you waiting for, start tweeting. Or get your sister to 😉

Oh, and feel free to share this post with others. Also point and laugh if you must, but hey, the lengths guys will go to to get dates :p

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