25 Jul

Jose CuervoYes, that’s a real hashtag.
And yes, you will soon find yourself using it…

I am a fan of tequila, specifically Jose Cuervo. In bad times Jose has been there to console me, in good to celebrate with me. In boredom to entertain me and in general just to make my friends pull funny faces after drinking a shot.

Why do I love tequila? Honestly, after a few that’s exactly what I ask myself. Then I have another, and I realise that tequila needs no reason. Tequila is its own reason.

So if you’re like me, you have attended your fair share of parties, gigs and music festivals. It goes without saying that in my books, one of the most important ingredients of a awesome festival, is a healthy dose of tequila.

The good folks at Jose Cuervo seem to share my feeling, and have devised a little competition where you can share your thoughts as to what a festival is without the golden (or silver if you prefer) elixir of the gods. Check it out HERE

On twitter you can follow the action:

I’ve entered, so I hope you lose… mwhuahahaha!

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