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New tune by The Killers is not shit. Not at all.

24 Sep

In my random internet perusals, I stumbled upon the latest track by The Killers.
It’s called Shot At The Night and is off their upcoming Direct Hits Album which will be available November 12, 2013

KILLERS-DIRECT-HITSAs a non-avid fan of the Killers (greatly appreciative of their talent, but won’t sell my kidney to buy an album), I was intrigued enough to give it a good listen.

Initially, after the first few seconds, I thought this was going to be a steaming pile of shit. This annoyed me, seeing as the band’s previous hits like All these things I’ve done, Mr Brightside and Somebody Told Me etc are all quite enjoyable.
Then the music hit me.
I listened again. And again, and after the fourth listen to just make sure, I decided that yes, I like this song. It is a really good song. In fact, it is rather quite brilliant.

So I listened again.

Maybe it’s the strong 80’s vibe, maybe the faultless vocals or perhaps the strong progression. It might be the surging ebb and flow of the vocal harmonies integrating with the consistent stream of synthetic sounds… It could even be the not-so-subtle Queen-influence or a large variety of other subconscious emotional associations that caused me to love this song. Whatever it is, I love it.

Will I lose my shit and go bananas when this song comes on? Probably not.
Will I pump the volume when it’s playing? Most definitely.
Even though I would like to see The Killers going a bit more edgy, there’s no denying that they are indeed setting themselves up as one of the great bands of this era that will be remembered for ages to come.

Have a listen to Shot At The Night, and let me know what you think. Do you agree with me, or am I talking a load of rubbish?


On Diamonds, Skateboarding and Kimberley…

22 Sep

Skateboarding competitions, live music & entertainment, community upliftment, prizes and general awesomeness… all of that in the Northern Cape near a massive hole…
If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, may I introduce you to this website.

If, on the other hand, you are a fun person, take a look at what I stumbled upon:

KDS Slider

The Kimberley Diamond Cup will be the name of the new mega international skateboarding event to be staged in the city from 27-29 September 2013, Mr John Block, MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism in the Northern Cape announced today.

flip“This exciting new brand of international competitive skateboarding is a uniquely Northern Cape brand that will also have a presence in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng as the province strives to enhance its reputation as an ideal destination for extreme sports and adventure events,” he said. Block added that the skate fans can expect 150 top pro and local skateboarders to participate in the Kimberley Diamond Cup street, vert and mini-mega formats this year.

Mr Patrick Seboko, head of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, revealed that United States-based company World Skateboarding Grand Prix won the tender for staging the Kimberley Diamond Cup and presenting an action-packed 12-month long support programme. This will include three “high octane” street and team Grand Slam skate competitions to be staged in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg each offering a total prize purse of R50 000-00, said Seboko.

Seboko mentioned that World Skateboarding Grand Prix will join hands with South African project management company Pragmatics and international skate event experts to deliver the Kimberley Diamond Cup, Grand Slams and a year-long, fun-filled line-up of skate competitions and other events to take place at the skate plaza in Kimberley.

World Skateboarding Grand Prix is already working with the Northern Cape government, the global skateboarding community and event sponsors to design events and programmes to take competitive and fun skateboarding to new levels in the Northern Cape and South Africa, cited Seboko.

Concert PosterA revitalised Skateboarding for Hope campaign aimed at promoting skateboarding as a positive and easily accessible lifestyle alternative will also see events staged at the newly-built mini-skate parks in Kuruman, De Aar, Upington and Springbok and ten other towns in South Africa, said Block. He added that the Skateboarding for Hope campaign will now incorporate a skater mentorship programme designed to enhance local talent, which is a further sign of the provincial government’s commitment to the youth.

Block stated the Northern Cape Province and Kimberley proved their capability of successfully hosting world-class events. “We have signed up a renowned skateboarding management team and market leaders in competitive skateboarding, all who have been responsible for many of the innovations in world-class skateboarding contests over the last six years,” he said.

The provincial government is confident that owning its own brand of competitive skateboarding will open a number of lucrative opportunities to further stimulate local economic development and the tourism industry in the province, confirmed Block.

KDC flyer

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Wie’t gesê musiek mag nie fun wees nie?

17 Sep

skeletons love musicAlmal is so freaking ernstig.
Oor alles.

Snaaks genoeg raak mense omtrent moordadig morbied juis oor een van die dinge in die lewe wat veronderstel is om jou beter te laat voel: Musiek.

Ja, daar is plek vir meer ernstige musiek, en verseker is daar ‘n groot verskeidenheid genres wat verskillende mense se gemoed opkikker. Dieselfde tunes wat my laat smile, beinvloed nie noodwendig jou gemoedstoestand nie.
Waarop dit neerkom, is dat as jy van iets hou en dit maak jou happy, luister dit. As ek nie daarvan hou nie, kan ek dit maar net ignoreer.

Een van die bands wat baie flack kry van die morbiede musiek mense, is Dans Dans Lisa. Hul tunes is lekker om te luister, nie TE woes ernstig nie en oor die algemeen laat dit mens nogal goed voel ook. Hulle gaan waarskynlik nie opgeneem word in die Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nie, maar so what. Ek like hulle.

Case in point: Die orkes, bestaande uit Deon Meiring (van Glaskas faam) en Bouwer Bosch (Straatligkinders) het vandag hul nuutste musiek video gelaunch. Hul roep hom “Ons Teen die Wêreld”. Dis gevul met over the top corny acting, moonbags en tweelinge. Verder is dit net eenvoudig ‘n lekker tune om te luister/kyk. Ek het gelag, en dit het my dag sommer beter gemaak.


Wat dink jy van die video, of my sieninge? Glo jy dat musiek eerder super ernstig moet wees?
Deel jou gedagtes met my, en die post met jou vriende.

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