#PartyAnimals in the City: WIN tickets and Hi5’s!

10 Sep

The 4th of October Joburg sees the the likes of The Hives, Skunk Anansie and more rip up Mary Fitzgerald square in Newtown. It is Vodacom In The City, and it’s pretty much the best thing to hit Joburg since gold was first discovered on the Langlaagte farm in 1886.

To make things even better, you will discover some gold of your own there: Jose Cuervo! Known and loved as the favoured shot of Party Animals around the globe, Jose’s presence there guarantees at least some form of insanity on the night.  I will be there as living proof of this fact, and hopefully so will you.

Jose Cuervo at VITC2013

You can buy tickets to this experience, but why buy them if in true party animal style, you can win them?

To get your hands on some free tickets:

  • Keep your eyes on Jose Cuervo’s Facebook page and on twitter: @JoseCuervoSA and #PartyAnimals
    You can win one of 10 Double Tickets to Vodacom In The City by by entering the Jose Cuervo Competition here!
  • I’m giving away 2x double tickets, as well as complimentary hi5’s to anyone who enters. All you need to do is the following:
    -Share the link to this post with your friends on FB, Twitter etc. – http://wp.me/p1gNnp-eR
    -Comment below, telling me why you and your intended +1 are #PartyAnimals.
    (Be creative, tell a story, make shit up, share a picture or a fantasy… whatever will convince me that you are indeed #PartyAnimals)
    ((T’s, C’s and various other letters of the alphabet apply. Winners to be announced 27 September 2013. Don’t argue with me, I’m the Baas))

I’ll keep you posted, there might be some more goodies coming your way.
Check me out on twitter: @BaasDeBeer and Facebook

13 Responses to “#PartyAnimals in the City: WIN tickets and Hi5’s!”

  1. Roxzann 10 September 2013 at 18:18 #

    Okkkkay sooo me and my crazy +1 partyanimal couldn’t make oppikoppi!!! Due to other reasons now #RTD is sold out! 😦 this would indeed make up for a broken heart with some tequila to mend it! Not just going to get drunk okay maybe a little but have you seen the freaking lineup!!! Plus I would like to rocking the daisies to be my first for capetown (stil a captown virgin) and have the time of my life… Come on think about it…

  2. Marko 10 September 2013 at 19:27 #

    Okay so this is how it goes… It all started when I was born. The Nurse and Doctor who delivered me, told my parents due to the fact that I was a difficult birth, I was destined for great things. This is the great thing I was destined for… Seeing Alt-J live!! That has always been a dream for me, and even better (knowing albairre wil win the opening) I now have the chance to reach that dream… Jose and Baas aren’t dreambreakers, are they? I hope not…

  3. nixx 11 September 2013 at 09:51 #

    once upon a time this little midget girl decided to take on the long road from the cape coast to beautiful p-town when she discovered this snor city is where she will become alive, she found ways to find the perfect route to end up in the city she had to get a bestfriend who will take on the impossible,they wondered around in brooks street to find a yard with a rope a tyre and a car hacing filled the car with all the things they will need to survive the amazing journey ahead their was simply no space for this little midget she then took this tyre and rope and tied it behind the car and surfed her way on land to get to the next stop, but she suffered a severe crash and shattered her hand she ended at this big building where mary lives and they people there soon fixed her up, so they continued the ride to aandklas pretoria where the little midget sipped away on one brandy after the next to just slide face first down the ramp to a basement bruised and battered this will not stop her she got right back up a few weeks later she found herself on a koppi with 20 000 music lovers she was happy she had made the most incredible friends along the way she had to save them from the big bad demons who was out to get them so she fueled her best friend up with KWV and coke , she knew that was the potion to bring out little monsters they went to the big bad demons and destroyed them killed their light burned down their plastic home in the bushfield fought them off (PUNCH KICK FIGHT FIRE!!!!) it was not long before the big bad demons disappeared into the wood and they were never seen again.. i feel honored to have a LEGEND as my bestfriend and good friends to keep the memory alive, together we shall concur the world. People ask what will happen next? and all we can tell you now is if we get in the city we ourselves will then find out. And we will be sure to share our final destination with the world. to be continued….


    • BaasDeBeer 27 September 2013 at 13:00 #

      Thanx for making me laugh my ass off…
      You win one double ticket to VITC2013.
      Please pop a mail to baasdebeer AT gmail DOT com
      I need your Name, ID nr, cell nr & email adress.

      Booya! See you at Vodacom In The City, we’ll have some Cuervo \m/

  4. Wiehan 11 September 2013 at 12:13 #

    Daardie heilige dag toe rock geskep is, het iemand gese “Let there be goeie musiek” toe POOF gebeur Skunk Anansie en maak liefde met ons oordromme. Ek bid bitch en moan al vir jare met die hoop om hulle te sien voor ek jammer en alleen sterf van ‘n faulty parachute maar tot dan is die brood nog nie gebotter nie! Ek MOET sien hoe Skin Because of You skree! Mens se lewe kan nie gaan sonder sulke ondervindings nie. Fuck your magic midgets en storietyd, hierdie is stuff of legends. Paar maande terug as jy vir my gese het Skunk Anansie in SA sou ek gelag het maar diep binne sou ek op die vloer sit, arms om my bene, kop op my kniee en vorentoe en terug wieg heeltyd, “as dit net rerig kon gebeur…”
    Nou kyk hier?? Iemand het gesteel by die riches en gegee vir ons bitches! Gebless met proverbial sex in my face, ons MOET gaan. Die silly bitch Aubrey Pistorius sal my partner in crime wees. Kyk, ‘n luckier mens as dit bestaan nie. 4 Leaf clovers in sy slaai gechow as ‘n kind of iets. Snaakse goed volg hom, gebeurtenisse onverduidelikbaar, dinge wat jy eerder wil beleef as om vir iemand te vertel “you should have been there”
    So enkels aanmekaar met ‘n leprechaun gehandcuff behoort dit zef smaakloos fantasties en fokken lekker te wees.

    • BaasDeBeer 27 September 2013 at 13:02 #

      Woeslekker post!
      Jy wen ‘n dubbel kaartjie na VITC2013.
      Please pop a mail to baasdebeer AT gmail DOT com
      I need your Name, ID nr, cell nr & email adress.

      Booya! See you at Vodacom In The City, we’ll have some Cuervo \m/

  5. lexamantis 17 September 2013 at 16:40 #

    Major #Partyanimal me only comes out when I’m with my twitter friends for some reason. So it shall be fitting for me to come and fit in… Example: All of the fucking times you’ve seen me. BUT, this must be said. I date a man with a glorious beard. Said man will be my +1, so immediately, I get like 5 points extra. *GLORIOUS* I tell ya. Then, for me…I am a #PartyAnimal because this one time, at band camp, I didn’t go. Instead, I went to your house and brought Shots and Beers and my yummy delicious koek. Oh, and then Boobs. Ah, my gloriously documented glorious boobs… See, there it is… Winning combo: I have boobs and he has a beard. Both glorious and therefore we shall must for be Glorious #PartyAnimals . If you need a story about how immensely #partyanimals we can be, I refer to your infinite wisdom and knowledge of past experience. I tell you news, not history baby!

  6. Michelle Squishyness 27 September 2013 at 11:54 #

    BAAS!!!Myself and my bestie Finn deserve these tickets because we go hard no matter what!! We once stole an entire toilet ( yes, The entire thing, bowl, everything) from the margate hotel with the help of my dad who’d attempted it at a young age, and got away with it!!!No toilets were harmed in the process:) please please! And tequila is my drink of choice as a struggling AK bartender:P

  7. Angelique 27 September 2013 at 13:11 #

    Baas. Me and my best friend have to win these tickets. We have the best of fun and we can dance till the sun goes down. There is so many stories I can tel u about how we are #partyanimals but it will take me forever. We always go to all the parties like Grietfest, Oppikoppie, Ramfest and many many more. When we go party we go all out and never stop. We almost got locked up a few times and I can’t remember the last time we went to bed before 10am the next morning after partying all night long. Please please give us some tickets!!! I would love to show u some pictures but I have no idea how to do it. Hehe.

    • Ceigh 27 September 2013 at 14:16 #

      Always having too much fun to even consider going to bed before 10 am

  8. Ceigh 27 September 2013 at 14:15 #

    So here I am, today, in the middle of what is supposed to my spring holiday doing Varsity work( what a “plggie” I am- pfffft….), although the idea of winning IN THE CITY tickets is clouding my judgement and my concentration away from boring articles to a more colorful and happy world of parties and fun.
    I have a million and one stories of how our friend group are a bunch of #partyanimals, but that may take forever to type, and I do have a project to attend to. Here is one example( well not really an example, more of an encounter we had with a dear friend Rupert) This year Koppi, I created my own friend, to accompany me during the day at the stages. I named him Rupert, and he was made out of a 5l bottle, filled with some,no I’m Lying, more like ALOT of Jose Cuervo Tequila, some Bacardi Rum, JB whiskey, some vodka( the cheap shit), a few shots of Jager, and just a smidge of Straw Rum. Rupert followed me around the whole day, I kept him on a rope, you know, just for the safety of the other Koppie goers. He was such a good friend, always close by to supply a drink, you could say he was always the yank of a rope away. A very playful Rupert occasionally came running past me when I yanked too hard and hit a unknowing stranger on the ankle. a simple “Bad, Rupert” always got the aching stranger to feel better about his new bruise. Rupert was never a very talkative pet and we lost Rupert quite a few times, looking for him here, and looking for him there. We turned heads while calling out to Rupert, hoping he would hear our thirsty cries. This happened about times. At one point we feared that Rupert had left us forever to be with a new master, but to our greatest surprise we found him, neatly tucked under the tree at the Redbull stage where we put him down for his nap about two hours before. Because of the Great Search, we were parched, and started drinking too much of dear old Rupert. The soothing taste of the luke warm tequila(mixed with other shit) were, so to say addictive. We tried saving the last 206 drops of Rupert, in attempt to safe his life, but to no avail, we could not master our own self control in order to safe his dear old life. … And that’s how Rupert lost his life…

    With a brief burial of Rupert under the trees of the Redbull stage, forever being at rest among the shadows of the greatest artists still to come to OppiKoppi, we continued our journey to the unknown world of electro and other phenomenal music.

    Rupert was a dear friend, always there for a drink, always there as company to the lonely souls in need of conversation, while the others were losing their faces to the music at the Redbull stage.

    My only memory left of my dear pet is his rope- literary- I cannot remember anything else from that day, especially not the faces of mere humans, either coming by to meet Rupert, or to taste Rupert, details of the day is a blurr in my mind.

    Just imagine how creative I can get with tickets to IN THE CITY. Maybe I’ll create a new pet, or maybe a new kind of human- we all know what tequila does to our creativity levels- it uplifts, it enhances, it encourages the thoughts of a student…
    Maybe just maybe I will create my most creative piece of party art EVER at IN THE CITY…..

  9. Curtis Davies 27 September 2013 at 15:15 #

    The familiar Saturday morning, sounds of birds and bottle clinks. Stomach trying to evacuate the body, throat first. Eyes half shut; hello retina burn, nice to see you again, or rather feel you again. The sun is rising faster than we are, but clink those bottles our way!! Today we listen to The Hives and Boys Noize again!!!!! Bring on the rock, bring on the electro!! lets get disgusting once again…


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    […] I told you in a previous post, Cuervo has some more awesome stuff up for grabs.  This time round, #PartyAnimals like you stand […]

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