Time flies and scrambled brains

3 Feb

BTTF FlyingIt was the year twenty hundred and fourteen… And there were no flying cars. But then again, we have until 2015 for that…

Many things have changed on our planet in the last year, sometimes overwhelmingly so. One constant remains, however: Nothing changes half as much as we think it might, wish it would or hope it wouldn’t simply because of the dawn of a new year.

“Can you believe it’s February already?”… I’m sure you have heard this being said at least once in the last 3 days.
Yes. Yes I can. It is what generally tends to happen after January.
Why do people have this obsession to state the obvious? I don’t know.
I do know that I do it too, but that’s OK, I hate myself for it just as much as I hate you for doing it. We’re even.

Back to it being twenty14. I started this year with a few goals. No, not new years resolutions (those are stupid), just goals which would more easily be measurable on our beloved Gregorian calendar. One of these were that I wanted to blog more regularly.
I set out to plan a routine, a structure by which I can build more on this little bit of an online identity I have created.

I’m talking serious scheduling shit. Like more poetry, more music reviews, more band interviews and much more random writings about whatever comes to mind.

Multi focus meThen January hit me.

Now I am not one to shift blame… much. But seriously, the first month of this year has been one incredible roller-coaster of work-play-party-network-catchup-prepare-plan-write-work-work that there has been very little left to blog with. Very little time, very little energy, very little me

I am still, however, adamant about taking this blog and doing more with it.
Well, I like it… I really do.
Also because some of you have mailed, Facebooked, Tweeted and cornered me at a bar all to demand some new content. Who am I to refuse?

Some of the plans (a few mentioned above) for this blog involves:

  • Music – Reviews, features
  • Interviews – With whoever I find interesting
  • Prose & Poetry – I need to write more of that. Also, send me yours.
  • Videos – I have a few of those up my sleeves
  • Learning Stuff – Expand my horizons by educating me through experiences for my blog
  • Random shit – It’s my blog. Sue me.

If you have any ideas, or would even like to become a content contributor on my blog, get in touch.

Thanx for reading my scrambled brains post, the first of many (I hope) for 2-oh-1-4

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