CrashCarBurn – Keep Walking ft Kwesta [New Music Video]

15 Apr

Crash Car Burn - Keep WalkingThe latest offering by power pop-rock heroes Crash Car Burn is out and on-line…
The rockers who brought us anthemic treasures such as the heavier “Serenade” and the slightly more bouncy sing-along “Kings of Summer” (in collaboration with Short Straw) are back with another tune you will inevitably find yourself knowing the words to.
Crash Car Burn - Keep Walking screenshot

We all know what that means… by the time you know a song’s lyrics, it is too late. You will start singing it along at gigs, later just coz it is playing in the pub… From there digresses into drunkenly singing it in the pub even when it is NOT playing at that moment.
The ultimate level might then be achieved: Soberly driving along, forgetting to turn on the radio and suddenly, you find yourself singing this tune to no-one and everyone at once.

Yes, I think that (should you not be phased by the daunting rap bits), this song will make it to solo-singing-while-making-rapper-moves-in-the-car level. And yes, you will probably suck at it, but the chorus makes it worthwhile:
One of these DAAayYYS, the sun’s gonna shiiine on meee….


Here’s the video, let me know what YOU think.
–Also, if you know who/what Dakar is (and I’m pretty sure not the rally), do tell me–



Well, as sharing is (s)caring – depends on what you’re sharing with who.
Either way, tell your friends about this post and they might just buy you a beer.





3 Responses to “CrashCarBurn – Keep Walking ft Kwesta [New Music Video]”

  1. darrelhoff 16 April 2014 at 08:25 #

    I really like this. A good collaboration of artists. 🙂

    • BaasDeBeer 16 April 2014 at 09:25 #

      One can see the band’s maturity coming through…

  2. yoster 9 November 2015 at 19:09 #

    dope good people

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