I am a bad, bad man

16 Jun

STRAB Music Festival in MozambiqueYes I am.

I promised the world, and even more importantly myself, that I would blog more this year.
Not more nonsense (necessarily), just more regularly. But noooo, real life had to come and kick me in the schedules.

Wonder Woman likes meSo far this year my life has been a roller-coaster of hard work, fun work, music festivals, new experiences and theft.
This all made me lose a few phones, a lot of time, some parties and generally speaking some awesome blogging opportunities.
I do have a plan though… The friendly boys at Music Connection was nice enough to lend me an awesome Zoom H1 recording mic, so expect some more podcasts to fly your way.

I like podcasts. Not only do you get to experience more of the emotion behind the info, but you can multitask while doing it.

So here’s the deal, as soon as I return from the birthday party at Ridgeback today, and finished the paperwork I have to do, and find the cable to plug into the mic to download the latest recording… I will post a chat I had with the guys from Ontnugterd.

Till then, stay as classy as you can. Or don’t.


Geko Divers Teambuilding

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