Does Jack Parow have an ulterior motive?

25 Aug

Jack Parow - NagVanDieLangPetteJack Parow launched a new video today. 
No swearing, no booze, no killing of any pop stars… and it’s got quite an Afro feel to it.

In fact, it’s a happy tune dedicated to the working class heroes of society.
It features everyday people, like you and me. Not just wanksters from the fake flats or high profile bling people from PRETentiousville. Just normal, average South Africans.

Now, this might prompt certain sceptics to ask whether Parow has gone soft. Maybe he has some hidden ploy to make the common man his fan. In fact, is he trying to fake something different just to infiltrate a new market and make more money by associating with a wider audience?

I have had the privilege of meeting up with Mr Parow and chatting to him on different occasions in different circumstances. From the more formal introductions when I MC’d a show where he was headlining, to backstage chatter at smaller shows and the occasional kakpraat at a party.
Based on this, I can personally refute any of such possible accusations. 

Sure, catering for a wider spectrum of potential fans is a great business move, and I respect that. Fact is, the Jack Parow I see in this video is closer to the real life Jack than most of his other videos. In my eyes, he has always been the perpetual common man. As an entertainer hard working and innovative. As a person, just plain nice. The type of guy you could easily chat to a braai or chat to about mundane things like rugby.

Jack Parow has been the focus of much controversy and targeted media criticism. In this case, for any potential fault-seekers, I can simply say this: Grow up, and appreciate a lekker tune by a lekker dude.

In case you have not yet experienced it, here’s the video for Jack Parow – ODE TO YOU ft Nonku. Also, do yourself a favour a watch the videos preceding this one, where you see some of the behind the scenes action.

What do you think? Am I completely nuts or do you echo my opinions?
Do comment, do share, don’t wear crocs.

3 Responses to “Does Jack Parow have an ulterior motive?”

  1. Ursula 25 August 2014 at 12:12 #

    Like it – a lot

  2. Chris Cruo 25 August 2014 at 23:30 #

    I don’t think there is an ‘ulterior’ motive. It’s just a nice tune.

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