2 Ways How Not To Be A Loser

21 Nov

If you spend your time feeling like a loser, you are indeed doing life wrong.
Not to sound like a certain tiger-blood man, but life is about winning.

Thanx to everyone’s good friend, Jose Cuervo, you can now become a winner.

Sounds Wild WINAs part of their #Cuervolución campaign, they want to cuervoluciónise (don’t pardon the pun) your life by sending you to one of two awesome events!

If you reside in the general area of Gauteng, Cuervo has a couple of tickets to Sounds Wild to give away.
This is going to be a MASSIVE party. If you see me there, let’s do a shotski! If you don’t know what a shotski is, we REALLY must do a shotski, you know, for educational purposes.

For the Capetonian-ish people, my man Jose is offering you the opportunity to go to Synergy Live.
I really wish that I could be there for this one too, alas my hitch-hiking skills are up to shit.

Bombay Bicycle Club will be headlining both these events, and the entourage of South African bands serves not only to fill up the line-up, but super-enhance the party to a level that will make your soul bleed if you do not attend.

To enter either of these glorious competitions, go to Jose Cuervo’s Facebook Page. Hurry up, competition closes Monday 24 November 2014!


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