Why I REALLY look forward to Otterlake Easter Festival

28 Mar

Otterlake Profile PicThere are many reasons to look forward to a music festival.

The generic “music, vibes, party and… everything!” just doesn’t cut it for me though.

So herewith, the 10 reasons why I REALLY look forward to Otterlake Easter Festival:

  • It is not even NEAR an office
    Do not underestimate the importance of this point. You COULD be stuck doing the same thing you do everyday, but you’re not. You’re at Otterlake!
  • It IS near home
    It’s in the middle of nowhere, but it is literally like, right there. 30km out of Pretoria, so driving there is not a mission. Get in the car, and before you can say STOP POACHING OUR FREAKING RHINO’S, you’re there.
  • White rhinocerosSpeaking of Rhinos…
    The entire fest is a massive fundraising mission to help stop rhino poaching. Can you say it’s a good cause? I certainly can…
  • It’s not the usual bands
    Look, as much as I love the rock scene in Pretoria, it can get a bit monotonous. Same bands, same venues. The Otterlake line-up is something to drool over. From Francois Van Coke doing his solo thing, to the likes of Hoot ‘n Anny and Akkedis.
  • It’s small, but not awkward small
    Look, I love Oppikoppi as much as any insane rock fan (probably more), but there is something to say for the smaller festivals. Otterlake is a prime example of how much fun you can have enjoying bands with a crowd of under 1000 people. I would like the fest togrow… but not TOO much 😉
  • Meet The Germans
    Otterlake (the venue, not the fest) is owned by a bunch of Germans. If you manage to befriend them over a Jager or 3, they are insanely entertaining. Beards and beer, winning combo.
  • It’s camping, not hiking
    To get from the camp site to the stage, is not a 4 day hike. It’s right there. Boom!
  • Otterlake BonfireIt’s on fire. Literally.
    The most amazing bonfire you will ever see at any festival. After a day of intense music, it’s nice to go and chill next to the MASSIVE flames… before heading back to rock out even more.
  • I am there
    I know this might sound vain, and it probably is, but hey, so sue me. I am MC’ing the Friday, and DJ’ing the same night. I saw on the line-up that on the Saturday, I will be engaged in a DJ-vs-DJ party with DJ Dirtroad. now THAT is going to awesome! Do come have a Cuervo with me 😉
  • The people. Really.
    You get to meet the most amazing random people. Friends for life, or just a friendly fling. They’re there, don’t miss it.

If all this sounds too good to be true… Don’t worry, it’s not.
For more details, check it out:

Otter easter banner

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