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Van Coke Kartel – Here Man

9 Dec

Daar is ‘n nuwe Van Coke Kartel music video uit, en hy is lekker.

Van Coke Kartel - Here ManDie song self is catchy, met ‘n polsende antemiese gevoel (ja, dis die beste vertaling wat ek kon pleeg vir thumping anthemic vibe). Die video herinner tot ‘n mate aan jarre terug se HiKaToRi animations (almal saam: MELK… MAN! Sêmywaarheenjywilgaan MELK MAN!) maar in ‘n sterk ander styl gedoen. Meer as net funky prentjies, vertel die video ‘n storie, en dis iets wat in baie van die music videos wat deesdae uitkom, erg mis.

Jy mag dalk ‘n streak in die animation sien wat bekend lyk, veral as jy Jack Parow se onlangse video vir Fok Fokkity Fok gesien het. Dis waarskynlik omdat die super talented Keegan Thornhill op beide projekte gewerk het.

Wel, ek love dit. Wat dink jy van die video?

As bonus, hier is Jack Parow se nuutse sommer ook:

Drop ‘n comment, en deel sommer die storie met jou maatjies terwyl jy hier is. Hulle sal jou meer like, en dus meer shots vir jou koop as jul uitgaan.

The diary of a Park Acoustics virgin

23 Mar

JD Music Logo_Cropped_WhiteLast month, I sent my friend Tyron Long to his first ever Park Acoustics.

Now in a nutshell, Park Acoustics, brought to you by Jack Daniels, is the one time per month where rocker meets hipster meets Voortrekker at well, the Voortrekker Monument. I have  been there quite a few times, so I thought it would be interesting to hear Tyron’s response to this event. Here’s what he had to say…

The diary of a Park Acoustics virgin

Hipsters take over the fort

Hipsters take over the fort

24 February saw that 1st time one always remembers.
The beautiful Sunday that will go down as that one luscious, awkwardly mind-blowing 1st time. The day started out at 10am after a buzzing bus ride. The Voortrekker Monument was already packed, and the greens of the soft grass inside the fort were painted with hipster vibes and picnic blankets. The festival lovers were brimming with great vibes, and their alcohol of choice. Everyone stuck to the one rule that they could remember – “No bad vibes”.

Lise and the some saxcess

Lise and the some saxcess

The first band up was The Lise Chris Band. This band was a splendid start to the day. The standard for my mind was set pretty high at this point. Lise’s serene voice together with Lyrics of memory and love passed tuned the atmosphere the rest of the soothing sets.

Catlike Thieves were up next and what was resonant to me were the Fender coated notes and their 60’s rock based music. This band was the call for the asses to start shaking and for increased booze-flow. The character and the friendliness of Catlike Thieves is what I enjoyed most. The enthusiasm and the connection with the audience were well needed to wake the Sunday blues feeling everyone shared.

BraaiBoy and Borries

BraaiBoy and Borries

The bands and the vibes were wonderful to enjoy while cracking some good wine and food from our picnic basket. It was a great pleasure to see so many familiar faces and enjoy all offerings produced for the day. The food stalls were plentiful, with offerings from Lucky Rodrigo, wrap stalls, Borries Bornman’s smoked pork on his Gravy Train smoker (@boerbque on Twitter) and a good friend of mine, Braaiboy (@Braaiboy).

Matthew Mole, the Joburg sweet surprise was the next to take my mind on a musical high. I had heard very little about Matthew Mole before Park Acoustics, at most a view of a YouTube interview. I was extremely intrigued to see this brilliant loop artist make his mark on me. The crowd at first was chilled, and embracing the day’s calm.

Matthew Mole seducing the crowd

Matthew Mole seducing the crowd

After the first song, Matthew Mole had crowds in a frenzy to hear more. Matthew’s sublime voice had the ladies in a drooling trance and begging for more. Everyone was in awe at the multi-tasking arrangement of drums, prepared loops, guitar and seductive lyrics. My favourite song was “Autumn”. Matthew’s music is largely based on how he lives life, and moments that have a profound effect on him. Matthew’s recognition has grown rapidly, with appearances in New York and England with one highlight in his fresh career in getting to perform at the famous 100’s Club.

The fine Wrestlerish crew killing it

The fine Wrestlerish crew killing it

Next to rock my noob Park Acoustics virginity was Wrestlerish. This is one of my favourite South African bands and the crowd was in the perfect state for this band’s humble grooves. The only description I can give to this band is one of thanks. The professionalism and top produced music of Wrestlerish were just an added bliss to my experience of taken-a-back and amped up emotions.

Yoav rocking Park Acoustics

Yoav rocking Park Acoustics

The 2nd last musical act for the day was a wash of excitement and ecstasy for me. I was dying to see this act live for my first time and have always found his music to have a profound impact on my musical desires. Yoav, the one band super army came kicking down the doors with his forceful music. Everyone was standing at attention and after some delay in the sound checks, a single guitar strum brought roars of happiness.  After every song the crowd screamed for more and the encore ended in 3 extra songs as the crowd refused to let Yoav leave. The brilliance I had come to know of Yoav, was only further embedded in my mind with one of the most brilliant live performances I have seen to date.

The day was brought to a close with great live comedy. Hannes Brummer was responsible for crowd vibes as MC and introduced the most eccentric characters at Park Acoustics namely Melt Sieberhagen, Monique Nortje, Werner Cloete and Francois van As. The comedians managed to keep the energy of the booze fatigued crowd going with their controversial and satirically directed sets. My personal favourite was Monique Nortje who delivered a set that was a shocking, crass and brilliantly designed delight that had the crowd rolling with laughter.

Park Acoustics and Jack Daniel’s, thank you for spreading my… mind and bringing such a smoothly operated, well designed and wonderfully organised event to the world. Park Acoustics is one event you can schedule on your calendar as high priority. Catch the next one on 24 Mach 2013, and enjoy the likes of Gazelle, The December Streets, Ryno Velvet, Moving House, Shaun Jocobs and more. Get your tickets now through Ticketbreak


Thanx so much for your review Tyron! I trust that I will be seeing you at more Park Acoustic Events. We’ll share some Jack 🙂

Remember to follow this awesome landmark festival on twitter: @parkacoustics

Park logo

RAMFEST BAND REVIEW: BLK JKS and Desmond & the Tutus

16 Mar

As I promised in my general review of Ramfest 2011… Here are the band reviews!

Let me just start of by saying that I am not sorry if I offend anyone. Even if that “anyone” happens to be the family, friends and junkies (all no doubt the same people) that actually like BLK JKS. After all, as the legendary Henno Kruger of Running Wolf Rant says “Honesty is needed in rock journalism”

There, now that that is out there, I can do my first RAMFEST 2011 Band Review:



Overrated, overexposed and overall just not that good. Yes, it was my first time seeing them perform live, and usually I give a band at LEAST 2 shows to prove themselves, so even though I’m open to the idea of being proven wrong (and I hope I can be) I doubt that I will be.  Feel free to contradict me.

My Recommendation: Give them a miss, unless they are followed by amazing bands to make the rest of the event awesome.


Desmond & The Tutus

It was my first live experience of this band, but one experience was all I needed to realise that I like them.
I was already a fan of their funky, vibey music and quirky lyrics before, but it so often happens that a band loses that edge on stage. Desmond & the Tutus lost nothing. In fact, just by looking at them on stage, you have to agree that this band is different (in a good way) than most other acts you will see.
I think their edge comes in that they don’t try too hard to be cool. They just are. And in their own way, it works for them. If any other band were to try and cover their songs, it would probably feel like watching a hearse transporting clowns. Something would not fit.

Do yourself a favour and take a look at the Desmond & The Tutus website (make sure to get a virtual hi5), follow them on Twitter and become a “Desmond & The Tutus Kid” on Facebook

My Recommendation: Take your drink, put a curly straw in it, and rush to the front of the stage with your friends. You are in for a treat!






Tomorrow, I’m featuring 2 more bands that were at Ramfest 2011. And remember to follow RAMfest on Twitter

(All pictures courtesy of Henno Kruger)

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