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Die Tuindwergies – Afrikaans folk fun

8 Apr

Die TuindwergiesDie Tuindwergies would have been called The Garden Gnomes had they been an English band.

Had they been an English band, however, I don’t think that they would have been quite as awesome as they are. You see, this band has a way to write songs that not only hook you melodically, but also lyrically. In the same way that a car that looks good still needs a proper engine to be considered a proper car, so Die Tuindwergies have managed to provide us with good tunes both lyrically and melodically. However, and this I have learnt from watching way too many Top Gear episodes, a good car is not always a fun car. Sometimes, a car that is fun to drive is not even necessarily the best or best looking car. This is where my whole band vs car analogy really kicks in.

Dawie and the GnomeYou see, Die Tuindwergies are not the best band to ever walk the earth. Although they are definitely very talented and musically experienced, their music is not an ensemble of intricate riffs with interweaving  poetic explorations into the psyche of the song itself. It is basic music done very well… and it is fun.

One of their greatest hits, and by far one of my favourite songs, is called Kopskudkinners. The entire premise of this song speaks to me. In fact, let’s go as  far as calling it one of my anthems. It’s essentially a song about making peace with who you are, what you stand for and being at peace with the perception people have of you.

Pieter de Jager (courtesy of Christelle Duvenhage)Die Tuindwergies are:

  • Pieter de Jager (Lead vocals & Acoustic)
  • Emile Swiegers (Electric Guitar)
  • Jean Swiegers (Drums)
  • Dawie de Jager (Bass)

You can find them on:



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