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Van Coke Does it Again

30 May

DSC_0182A lot can be said for the progress that Francois van Coke has made personally in his own career, and style of music. But, it’s when you look at the impact that he has had on the South African music scene, that you realise how amazing this guy really is. Francois recently scooped up 5 Ghoema awards for Afrikaans music, 3 of which were for “Toe Vind Ek Jou”, that he did with Karen Zoid.

The impact that he has on the next generation of musicians in SA is also extremely evident, with more and more bands emerging in the Afrikaans Rock genre. One of the new kids that we should most definitely keep an eye on, is Werner Oli4, who was chosen as an opening act at the Aandklas Open Mic Nights, that take place every Sunday (except the first of every month) at Aandklas Hatfield. Another such an act, with probably the deepest voice this side of Narnia, is Nick May, who is also a regular at the Open Mic sessions.


These guys were the perfect choice to get the crowd going on the 28th of May, when Francois did his thing at Aandklas. This show was absolutely mind-blowing, with Nick May setting the tone with Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, and then getting everyone to confess that they got high. Unfortunately, I missed Werner’s set, since I was caught up at a friend’s Bachelor party (congratulations again, Fred), but I have no doubt that he was every bit as amazing.


Francois van Coke’s got a way with a crowd that is near impossible to emulate. When he gets onto a stage, every eye in the venue is on him, and every ear is pitched to hear him perform. Saturday was no different. The rocker gave the crowd exactly what they had been expecting, with a little bit extra, as always. My personal favourite moment was when he did “Toe Vind Ek Jou”, which was very different from the version that we are used to with Karen, but still every bit as impactful.

It was an amazing show, giving a platform for young and upcoming musicians to open for great local artist, after being fairly selected (*cough* jasper dan *cough*) by the guys from Aandklas. I believe that we will soon be just as amped to see Werner, Nick, and all of the other talented kids from the Open Mic Nights performing at shows like this, and possibly festivals like Oppikoppi, but for now, join us on Sunday evenings from 19:00 to celebrate the next generation of South African music.



Article by Michael King.

Karen Zoid is drowning out the noise

23 Apr

DROWN OUT THE NOISE-KAREN ZOIDKaren Zoid is back with a new album, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

The news of this album reached me shortly after Karen’s runaway success with Francois van Coke on Francois’ solo album with the song “Toe vind ek jou” (pushing 325 000 views on YouTube as I am writing this). Epic timing, if you ask me… Even better, she has since surpassed Francois’ album to take the number one spot for album downloads on iTunes in South Africa!

The album is called Drown Out The Noise, and these are the songs on it:

  1. Drown out the Noise.
  2. Secrets and Lies.
  3. Troublemaker. (with Zolani Mahola from Freshlyground.)
  4. We`re all gonna die Someday.
  5. Smile. (with Francois van Coke.)
  6. Where there`s a will.
  7. You can show it.
  8. Justice! Justice!
  9. Nightingale
  10. People Never Learn.

These songs were written and recorded over an entire year, and we can be sure of her typical cleverly worded lyrics combined with soulful, honest vocals. Karen has never been one to beat around the bush when it comes to saying what she wants to say, so why should this album be any different? Man, I love this woman’s music! (Just had to put it in there (No, don’t make that joke now, I know what you’re thinking))

On the production side of things, Zoid teamed up with the legendary Theo Crous again, who is well known for his super-but-not-over-produced production skills.

I have been quite adamant about my stance that artists should shy away from full albums, and focus more on regular singles. However, Karen’s argument for a full album is rather compelling: “It will be sad if everyone just records singles. It doesn`t allow for a complete story to take shape.”
I hear what she’s saying. If you bring out an entire album, you have the opportunity to not only pop out great songs, but also to add meaning to those songs by making it part of a collective. The whole in this instance being greater than the sum of the parts thereof. A challenge indeed, but one I am sure that Karen Zoid, Queen of South African Rock, is more than capable of meeting.

Karen Zoid mid shot - Morne van ZylWill this be the same Zoid I fell in love with back in 2001?
No, it won’t, and there was a time in my life when this fact would have saddened me.
I grew up, however, and realised that artists *gasp shock horror* need to do that too. I have learnt to appreciate not only the nostalgia old songs bring, but the depth new material can carry with it.

Karen Zoid is drowning out the noise with songs that say something, in a way that only she can. I look forward to hearing the entire album, and join The Zoid on this next stretch of her musical journey.

Stay up to date on what’s happening in Karen Zoid’s sphere of existence:

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Van Coke Kartel – Here Man

9 Dec

Daar is ‘n nuwe Van Coke Kartel music video uit, en hy is lekker.

Van Coke Kartel - Here ManDie song self is catchy, met ‘n polsende antemiese gevoel (ja, dis die beste vertaling wat ek kon pleeg vir thumping anthemic vibe). Die video herinner tot ‘n mate aan jarre terug se HiKaToRi animations (almal saam: MELK… MAN! Sêmywaarheenjywilgaan MELK MAN!) maar in ‘n sterk ander styl gedoen. Meer as net funky prentjies, vertel die video ‘n storie, en dis iets wat in baie van die music videos wat deesdae uitkom, erg mis.

Jy mag dalk ‘n streak in die animation sien wat bekend lyk, veral as jy Jack Parow se onlangse video vir Fok Fokkity Fok gesien het. Dis waarskynlik omdat die super talented Keegan Thornhill op beide projekte gewerk het.

Wel, ek love dit. Wat dink jy van die video?

As bonus, hier is Jack Parow se nuutse sommer ook:

Drop ‘n comment, en deel sommer die storie met jou maatjies terwyl jy hier is. Hulle sal jou meer like, en dus meer shots vir jou koop as jul uitgaan.

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