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Nominees announced for the 2014 MK Awards

10 Dec

mk awards logoEver since MK went off the TV and took residence on our computer screens, fears have been mounting that -in spite of what they unequivocally claim- they might be dead and/or dying. Facebook pages and other online campaigns have been launched to manipulate the powers that be into bringing MK back to the dying medium of the century.
Yes, I do believe that TV itself is dying, much in the way a caterpillar “dies” before it’s reborn, in TV’s case as a beautiful online butterfly.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: MK is ahead of it’s time [in moving online], and if they play their cards right, they will still be able to remain one of the most powerful protagonists of South African music.

As if to prove my point, they have just released the nominees for the 2014 MK Awards.
I foresee a much more relevant and less mass-pleasing affair this year. People who support MK in its new cyber-incarnation, are much more dedicated to not only the channel, but to the music it plays and culture it represents. Voting, therefore, should reflect the opinion of the true fan and not just the fad fan.

Without further ado, here’s the list (and some of my thoughts regarding it):

Best Music Video:

Van Coke Kartel ft. Jack Parow – Chaos
Bicycle Thief – Goodbye Ian Curtis
Haezer – Troublemaker ft. Tumi
The Plastics – Best Pretenders
PH Fat – House of Clashes
Wrestlerish – Battleground
Shortstraw – Waterworks
Bittereinder – Kwaad Naas

I do believe that Van Coke ft Parow will take it. Of all these great videos, this one stands out to me because it’s not only an awesome video, but fits perfectly with the awesome song.


Best Live Act:

Van Coke Kartel
Zebra & Giraffe
Desmond & The Tutus
Jeremy Loops
PH Fat

The fierce battle for the prize, in what I believe to be the most important category of any music awards program, is going to be a nailbiter. Although both Jeremy Loops and Desmond and the Tutus have put up some of my personal favourite shows of the year, nothing seems to beat the consistantly brilliant performances by Van Coke Kartel and Bittereinder. After a BLAZING Oppikoppi performance, I think that Bittereinder could very well edge past the Belville band in this one.


Album of the Year:

Gangs of Ballet – Yes/No/Grey
Shortstraw – Good Morning, Sunshine
Bittereinder – Die Dinkdansmasjien
The Plastics – Pyramid
Taxi Violence – Soul Shake

In certain respects, 2013 was a slightly quieter year when it came to good new album releases. The good ones that did come out though, were great. Due to the sheer volume of thumping hits and great party tracks on one album, I’ll give this one to Bittereinder as well.


Best Music Video under R15k:

Al Bairre – We Move On
Bye Beneco – On The Line
Moving House – Tongue in Cheek
The Plastics – Occasional Lies
Desmond & The Tutus – The Future

I am absolutely stoked with the inclusion of this category. For an upcoming band to be able to compete with the more established (or better sponsored) ones, is an almost insurmountable task. So kudo’s to MK.
This also proves that a good video does not necessarily require a budget capable of buying a Gupta.
For this one I nominate  The Plastics. Al Bairre’s song is cool, but seriously guys, that video has been done a million times…


Best Newcomer:

Al Bairre
Matthew Mole
Michael Lowman
Die Skynmaagde
Bye Beneco

All of the nominees have worked their asses off. Making a decision here is only made a bit easier by Matthew Mole’s insane growth spurt as a musical entity in the last year. It’s like this man can do no wrong…


Best Festival:

Up The Creek
Rocking The Daisies

Oppikoppi will take this. Numbers talk in an audience driven voting system.
However, with 2014’s RAMFest line-up, next year’s awards could very well be a different ballgame.
I will say this however, I had my most memorable musical moment at RAMFest this year whith Rise Against.
Or was it Mango Groove, Fokofpolisiekar and The Narrow at Oppikoppi?
Hell, I don’t know. Help?


Van Coke Kartel - Skop Skiet en DonnerBest Afrikaans Group:

Van Coke Kartel
Jack Parow
Die Skynmaagde
Dans Dans Lisa
Die Heuwels Fantasties

Van Coke Kartel.


All that remains to be seen now, is who will host the awards ceremony. Jaco from Bittereinder and Desmond and the Tutus’ Shane set the bar pretty high last year… Maybe MK should ask me, coz you know, awesome moustache and all 😉


I look forward to see how my predictions correlate with the eventual results.
What do you think? Am I an insightful music-award-predicting guru, or should I cut down on the crazy pills?
I know opinions differ, for instance my mate Henno Kruger will probably try to convince me that he’s right :p Read his opinion here.

Go make your mark on the official MK Awards Voting site, and remember: Vote for the best, even though it might not always be your favourite.


MK Awards 2012 – My views included

6 Jan

Last night, the nominees for the MK Awards 2012 have been announced.

Your votes will determine the winners, who will be announced on 23 March 2012 at an awesome event held at The State Theatre in Pretoria.

Now, seeing as you are reading my blog, I quite arrogantly assume that you must be interested in my opinion. Either that, or you came here by accident.  In case of the latter, I will keep my opinions short.

Best Video

Jack Parow – Tussen Stasies

Locnville – Stars Above You

Die Heuwels Fantasties ft. Inge Beckman– Modus Operandi

Spoek Mathambo – Control

Winterstasie – Los My

I must admit, I was blown away by Spoek’s video. It’s not at all my style of music, but man, what a brilliant video! However, since I need to like the music as well in order to REALLY like a music video, my vote goes to Jack Parow – Tussen Stasies.
Parow’s collaboration with Die Heuwels Fantasties brings out the best of both worlds. This video makes me feel good, sad, happy, chilled and excited all at the same time.

Best Newcomer

Bittereinder – Ware Verhaal

Shadowclub – Guns n Money

Moses Metro Man – Huigelaar

The Greame Watkins Project – Music Affair

Mr Cat & The Jackal – The Devil Always Wants To Dance

All the songs in this category are impressive. Shadowclub manages to make a on-stage video cool again, Moses Metro Man makes fairy lights strangely manly and Mr Cat &  The Jackal produced a magnificent video. I really, really love Bittereinder’s video and will always be a huge fan. Somehow, The Graeme Watkins Project just edges this one in their favour for me. I like a video where I WANT to watch to see what happens next, yet is well enough produced to remain entertaining even after you know the story.

Best Group

Van Coke Kartel – Ondier Kom

Shadowclub – Good Morning Killer

Zebra & Giraffe – Undo These Lies

Die Heuwels Fantasties – Buitenste Ruim

Bittereinder ft. Tim Beumers – Slechte Mensen

aKING – Catch Alight

Van Coke Kartel is obvious in their awesomeness, and as a group they have grown so much from “the spawn of Fokofpolisiekar” into a powerful musical force to be reckoned with. My vote goes to them. However, special mention needs to go to Heuwels Fantasties and Bittereinder. Both awesome songs, yet in both cases I just feel that they could’ve done a bit more with the videos. Shadowclub impressed me beyond expectation. Trust me, this is a band the South African music scene can bet on to become HUGE! aKing’s video, aside from providing fap-incentive for many teen boys, is very well done, but as a group I think Van Coke overshadows them as well at this stage.

Best International Hit

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

Adele – Rolling In The Deep

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

Foo Fighters – Walk

Here I am torn between two bands. I would love to say that Foo Fighters takes the prize, simply because they are, well, Foo Fighters. I do however think that a band that made a bigger impact on the South African music scene in 2011 deserves to walk away with the accolades. So here’s to Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man. As for the others: Adele – Brilliant but not quite my style. Maroon 5 – Sing more like Jagger and less about him and I might pay attention. LMFAO… Your name says it all.
On the other hand, screw it, give it to Foo Fighters. Their video is better. No, Mumford. No, Foo… Ok, you decide. I honestly can’t. 

Best SFX/ Animation

aKING – Catch Alight

Goldfish – We Come Together

Mr. Cat & The Jackal – Bad Man Comin

Die Heuwels Fantasties ft. Inge Beckman– Modus Operandi

Van Coke Kartel – Ondier Kom

aKing’s video, as mentioned, is faptastic. I do however feel that Mr. Cat & The Jackal should take this one. They managed to make stop-motion cool again. Van Coke is no doubt the best band in this category, but as with the Heuwels Fantasites video here, the videos are awesome, but it did not make me sit back and say “WOW”. Goldfish… um, cute. no we just need some originality.

Best Rock

Knave – Hollow Chamber

Van Coke Kartel – Vir Almal

Taxi Violence – Head Or Tails

Shadowclub – Guns n Money

Dead Alphabet – Eat You Alive

Play Van Coke’s ‘Vir Almal’ Back to back with aKing’s ‘Catch Alight’ and your 15 year old cousin will strangely go to his room for 3 minutes to be alone. Hoewever, epic tits doth not an awesome video make. If only the first part of the video was as exciting as the last. I honestyl LOVE “Vir almal”, it’s one of my favourite songs at the moment, so I’m almost sad that I couldn’t like the video more. In this, the Best Rock category,  I’ll give it to Knave – Hollow Chamber. These guys are one of the most underrated hard-rock outfits of South Afirca, and deserve to be seen more.  

Best Indie

Ashtray Electric ft. Gazelle – Release

Yesterday’s Pupil – Too Tired To Disco

Dance, You’re On Fire – Boxes Of Tigers

The LA Els – Soulkiller

Wrestlerish – Bodies Of Water

I find it quite difficult to choose between these bands. Partyl due to their diversity, and partly becuse in their own way, each is quite brilliant. In the end, I’ll go for Wrestlerish – Bodies of Water. These guys brought a fresh sound to South African music, and they are not all skinny little boys. Big up for the bigger people!

Best Hipster

(Disclaimer: I have no freaking idea what ‘hipster’ actually is. Mostly because no one does. So I’ll just venture a guess and judge accordingly)

Fulka – Dancing In Our Darkest Days

Holiday Murray – Jirrey

Fire Through The Window – Lonely Hearts

Jack Parow – Byelville

Sedge Warbler – Paranormal Ox Man

I pick Fire Through The Window – Lonely Hearts  simply because I can picture a bunch of hipsters (whoever they might be) going to parties (if that’s not too mainstream) and playing this while they play canasta and talk about obscure movies while scoffing down red velvet cheesecake. (Yes, I have no idea what hipsters actually do, ok?) Oh, and I like the song. 
Parow is Zef, how can he be hip too? Fulka, well, not a huge fan. 

Best Dance

PH Fat – The Big Five

Gazelle ft. Teba – Chic Afrique

Goodluck – Hop On Hop Off

Sedge Warbler – Paranormal Ox Man

Jax Panik – Get Up

To avoid any confusion, I will not rate this, seeing as I honestly do not give a rats ass about this category. Some cute vids though. See  for yourself.

Best Radio Hit

Kovsie FM – aKING / Catch Alight

Puk FM – Moses Metro Man / Huigelaar

Jacaranda FM – Elvis Blue / Lighthouse

MFM – Jax Panik / Dinosaur

Tuks FM – KONGOS / I’m Only Joking

Here my vote goes to KONGOS. Not only due to my love for TuksFM, but honestly because it is an awesome song. Whenever I play it, people party. Whenever I hear it, I want to party. 

Best Live Act

Viewers have the opportunity to nominate any artist/band for the Best Live Act category. To cast a vote, ‘Like’ the MK Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/mktv.co.za and click on the ‘Live’ tab. Voting on Facebook and Mxit for the “Live” category puts viewers in line to win a Hyundai i20.

I really look forward to seeing everyone’s opinions on this. In my opinion, some of the best live local acts I have seen during 2011, was Bittereinder, Van Coke Kartel and the EPIC David Kramer Tribute show at Oppikoppi (although I do not think the latter can be nominated).

What do you think? Are my opinions stupid?
Let me know by commenting on this post, and you stand the chance of winning a beer. Yes, I will buy you a beer. Or you can buy me one, I don’t really care.

I also need to work in a slight disclaimer here:
The opinions expressed here are my own. I do not actually think that my options will even win, because people overall are idiots and will vote for the band they like most, in stead of the band best suited to win the appropriate categrory. Hell ,there are bands that I honestly HOPE  will win, simply because i like them more. I was just too honest to wangle my opinion.

So, what are you waiting for, get voting!
Voting has officially begun, and will end at 12:00 on 1 March, 2012.

You can vote on:

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