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Deep Fried Man interview – Comedians, Music, Famous Sex and Floss

23 Sep

I had the privilege of chatting to South African musical comedian, Deep Fried Man after his performance at the Old Mutual Theatre in the Square in Sandton. His latest solo show, White Whine is awesome, and you will thank me for making you go watch it.

And yes, the interview below was recorded on my Blackberry. If you want to give me a proper flash mic, you are more than welcome to do so.

But enough typing, here’s the interview. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Here’s some links for you to click on and go crazy:

Have you seen Deep fried Man’s performance yet? What did you think?

So, the DA made a poster…

25 Jan

The last few days the country has been in uproar over the DA Youth League’s latest marketing stunt. It has even outshone the sun’s hyperactive activity. Don’t pardon the lame pun.

Now, here’s my 20 cents (inflation added). Feel free to let me know whether or not you agree with me.

From a marketing perspective, I think it was a risky move, but most memorable campaigns are. It has created a buzz, prompted conversation regarding not only the campaign but also the product, and most importantly it engaged a wider audience than it’s standard crowd. It has made a bold statement, and the youth league’s target market generally appreciates bold statements.

Such a campaign will never be without criticism. The majority being that it’s immoral, overtly sexual and sends out conflicting messages to the youth. To this I just have to say: Wake up, welcome to the year 2012. There are more risqué ads that promote tampons, chocolates and cameras. It does not in any way promote sexual promiscuity (who said these two aren’t married (The CDP complained about this)). The only message this one conflicts with, is the message of hate and separation that white and black adults who are still stuck in the stone-age preach to their kids.

Regarding the statement it made, I personally respect it and think it’s about time that someone said it. Wouldn’t this world be a better place to live in if people stopped finding fault in others’ lives simply because they are too scared to face their own demons? Wouldn’t this planet be more enjoyable if society didn’t exclude, but include? If race, culture, sex and religion were not used as weapons? You are allowed to have your own opinion, but that’s just it: YOUR opinion. If you don’t like interracial relationships, THEN DON’T BE IN ONE. Easy, neh?

People tend to take themselves way to seriously. Sure, it’s not only the gay community that are allowed to have pride. Every individual should be proud of who they are, their heritage and beliefs. Yet, as the watered down mantra goes, Unity In Diversity.

We ARE one nation, isn’t it about time we start acting like it?

Ok, enough of that… On a (slightly) lighter side, the poster inspired me create a few of my own:

Sh!t Happens

10 Jan

I have not posted a new blogpost in the last few days, seeing as I was severely constipated and in severe pain.

Now, you might wonder why I am telling you this… I, to a certain extent am wondering the same thing. Would it not have been easier for me to simply shut up about being, well, shut up? It would certainly be more socially acceptable and polite not to talk about such things in public. Is it perhaps the faceless facet of the internet that robbed me of interpersonal skills and moral fibre, thus giving me the motivation to be entirely inappropriate without fear of face-to-face judgement?

Now, this is the point in the story where one of you would have to be so kind as to please raise your hand and make an insightful comment about how social acceptability is entirely dependent on culture, upbringing and the perception about taboos as portrayed by the media. Upon saying this, a few of your classmates will have to point out that it might as well be the other way round, with social acceptability dictating all the rest. I will, however, mostly agree with you.

The debate of what is socially appropriate and culturally acceptable, is a long and drawn out one. It is filled with inconsistencies, loopholes, exceptions and extremes. It touches on all subjects ranging from religion, swearing and sex through to drugs, public urination, cloning and corporal punishment.  I will therefore not endeavor to even touch further on the subject. Partially, because I cannot possibly say in this short blog what other, more educated thinkers, have already said. Also, because I really need to go to the toilet now.

My conclusion amidst this confusion, short and not so sweet, is this:

Some keep it in, others let it out, most are sensitive about it, but in the end… EVERYONE is full of shit. Deal with it.


Class dismissed.





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