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Dear Band: You are not unique.

9 Jul

“Our band does not conform to genres, so don’t put us in a box”
“We sound like unicorn farts and memories of World War 3”
“Unlike anything you’ve heard before…”

You’re a fucking moron if you actually think that you are THAT unique.

oh-god-who-am-iYes, this is a rant about bands who think that they are the first ones to ever try to be original in describing their sound. Read a few “upcoming” bands’ bios, and odds are you’ll find some wannabe creative drivel that simply ends up being a nonsensical waste of time.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get creative when describing your band. I would probably give a post-modern grunge jazz fusion band that sounds like unicorn farts and WW3 a listen. But that’s just it. It’s a post-modern grunge jazz fusion whatever band. I have at least a vague idea of where to place them. With relative certainty I can say that they will probably not sound like Kurt Darren. The space for this (admittedly mostly pretentious and/or silly) creativity, is in the “about” section of your bio. Not the genre description.

Why is this important?

Well, to get gigs, for starters. Booking agents, venues’ entertainment managers, festival organisers and all those nice people who give you gigs, don’t know who you are. They don’t know what you sound like, and they most certainly don’t have time to sit and go through all your friends’ cellphone videos of your performances to figure out where and when to book you. These organisers are your friends. They WANT to make sure that your band fits the general vibe of the event. If you’re a black metal band, booking you to open for Jan Blohm is probably not going to work out, even though your bio stated that your genre is “poetic interpretations of dark souls” (or some kak like that).

pooptatoSecondly, a proper attempt at indicating your genre is important for basic marketing purposes. Facebook (for instance) is more likely to suggest your page to fans of your (actual) genre if it correlates to genres of other bands that an individual might follow.

My rant is not only applicable to the little “genre” box on whichever platform you prefer posting your presence, but also to the “sounds like” bit. I know you don’t like hearing this, but odds are that you really aren’t the first to ever sound like you do. The easiest way for me to know what I let myself in for when booking you, is to reference more well-known acts. Even if you have to say  you sound something like the love-child that popped up after Ed Sheeran boned Elvis, that would at the very least give me some indication as to what to expect. Just make sure (and this is important) that you actually do sound like that. Remember, sounding LIKE someone does not make you any less creative. It simply means you share a genre, possibly some characteristics. If you say you sound like Flyleaf, but your only correlation is that you have a female vocalist in the mix, you’re an idiot.

There are more than 1200 different music genres. If that’s not enough for you, you can always hyphenate. 

If you have even read this far [drummers, if your bassist read this to you (laughs at obligatory overused muso-joke)], and you feel I’m a dick… well, you’re probably right.

At least you now know where to place me.
Can I say the same about you?

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Starting a Cuervolucíon baby

12 Aug

JCI-21_300x250Call it madness, but Jose Cuervo is at it again
Over the years we’ve come to know them as one of the most fun, funky and creative drinks in the world.
(Advertising should fit the brand, and let’s face it: After a few tequilas you too are more fun *wink*)
Their new campaign simply serves to reinforce this fact.

I mean, name 1 other brand who managed to get 100’s and 100’s (if not thousands) of fans, to simultaneously change their profile pictures on FB and twitter… and in the process effectively hide their faces behind a big yellow Nacho Libre style mask.
Can’t name one? Neither can I.

Cuervolución Face Collage


Now as I have it, this is the new campaign from Cuervo’s side for the foreseeable future, so expect a lot more of this. In fact, as someone who does this for a living, when I think about the potential this campaign has, I cannot help but be jealous that I didn’t think of it.

I think I need a mask like this in real life. If you can hook me up, let me know…
In the meantime, when you see me, feel free to buy me a shot of Cuervo!

Check out the Jose Cuervo Facebook page for more info, and get in involved. I take it that I would not be wrong in suggesting that there’s a lot more fun to come.

I think their message is kinda clear, don’t you?


Did Crash Car Burn’s new single (The Light) crash and burn?

5 Oct

The answer to this question, is a resounding NO.

Crash Car Burn - GravityI just liked to make a lame play on words with their name, that is all… The fact of the matter is that the single is actually very, very nice. It is not as strong as some of their previous hits, but as far as “first new single from the upcoming album” goes, it is pretty deliciously awesome.

The song itself is undeniably Crash Car Burn, as I’m sure you will agree after hearing the first 3 seconds. Considering fresh music, I think this is one of the juicy, ripe, just plucked ones. I certainly look forward to hearing more of the new stuff.

Another thing which intrigued me is the way in which the band embraces social media to distribute their new material. They currently (until 6 October at 24:00) have the song available as a free download via their Facebook page, as well as a mobile link. The interesting thing though, is that in order for you to download this song for free, you need to like their facebook page (which is the norm) and also send a tweet. Everything is automated, so it’s not really any extra hassle to you. Personally I feel that this is a very good way to do things. “Influence” is Currency on social media, so in effect you are paying for this song, by using your influence.

Do you think that this way of distributing songs is a good/fair idea? Or would you rather just download a free song for free, no strings attached, and let the band trust you to tweet about it only if you like it?

Anyway, enough of that, check out the song and let me know what you think..

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