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Sh!t Happens

10 Jan

I have not posted a new blogpost in the last few days, seeing as I was severely constipated and in severe pain.

Now, you might wonder why I am telling you this… I, to a certain extent am wondering the same thing. Would it not have been easier for me to simply shut up about being, well, shut up? It would certainly be more socially acceptable and polite not to talk about such things in public. Is it perhaps the faceless facet of the internet that robbed me of interpersonal skills and moral fibre, thus giving me the motivation to be entirely inappropriate without fear of face-to-face judgement?

Now, this is the point in the story where one of you would have to be so kind as to please raise your hand and make an insightful comment about how social acceptability is entirely dependent on culture, upbringing and the perception about taboos as portrayed by the media. Upon saying this, a few of your classmates will have to point out that it might as well be the other way round, with social acceptability dictating all the rest. I will, however, mostly agree with you.

The debate of what is socially appropriate and culturally acceptable, is a long and drawn out one. It is filled with inconsistencies, loopholes, exceptions and extremes. It touches on all subjects ranging from religion, swearing and sex through to drugs, public urination, cloning and corporal punishment.  I will therefore not endeavor to even touch further on the subject. Partially, because I cannot possibly say in this short blog what other, more educated thinkers, have already said. Also, because I really need to go to the toilet now.

My conclusion amidst this confusion, short and not so sweet, is this:

Some keep it in, others let it out, most are sensitive about it, but in the end… EVERYONE is full of shit. Deal with it.


Class dismissed.





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