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I lost a friend at Oppikoppi

11 Aug

Before I write any post-Koppi band reviews, share any camp stories or post any pics, I need to get this emotional burden off my chest.

I have lost a friend. A companion that has not only been with me for so many years, but one that really saved my ass on several occasions.

Oppikoppi 2011You have been with me to my very first Oppikoppi Festival​ in 2011, and each one since.
Now this might not seem like a big deal, but to those who know how tough Koppi can be, will understand how impressive this is. But it wasn’t just in the dust where you supported me.

One RAMfest​ (sorry about the others you missed, but you only seemed to enjoy camping) proved that you weren’t scared off by little knee deep mud and torrential rain. You came with me to Mieliepop Festival​, twice. Apparently the cold never bothered you anyway. The same number of times you accompanied me to STRAB​ in Mozambique (sorry for this year, I couldn’t arrange transport for you). When I needed you, you joined me at Park Acoustics. Two Otterlake Easter Festival​ experiences proved that you have a charitable side too.
Mieliepop 2014 - Photo by Henno KrugerSpeaking of charity, you never seemed to mind when people used you. Even if I didn’t know them from a bar of soap. You always made it your mission to make sure visitors to our camp sites had a comfortable stay.

Ramfest 2014 - Photo by Henno KrugerYou shared in so many camp fire stories, random drunken moments and way too many rounds of our beloved game, Kings. Whether it was at a music festival or a braai at my place, you never folded under the pressure of dealing with my social dealings.
You’ve been in my life for longer than all my serious relationships put together, and supported me even more than the same.

Thanks for the memories, I will miss you, my dear green Campmaster chair.

Otterlake 2014 - Photo by Henno Kruger

William Welfare Goes To Oppikoppi In New Music Video

10 Sep

“William who?” I hear you ask… Well, let’s see if you can figure it out from these clues:

  • He’s actually an Afrikaans rocker, that changed name for his upcoming English album
  • His Afrikaans band is Die Sunrise Toffies
  • He’s a journalist for Rolling Stone SA

Yup, this is the artists formerly known as Willim Welsyn (en die Sunrise Toffies). Hence, William Welfare.

Why would a twice SAMA-nominated Willim Welsyn translate his name and decide to record his first English album? Well, here’s what he had to say: “I always figured that if a 1000 people in South Africa could dig my Afrikaans music then maybe 10 000 people around the world could dig my English music.”

“4 Cups Of Dust” is the first official single and video from his upcoming debut English album “Like Mountains” which is set to be released in November 2013. Check out the video and let me know what you think…


Now, usually I find roadtrip/live recording/parking garage videos quite boring. Coz, you know, it’s been done. This video however, makes me think that one can pursue used angles, and freshen it up simply by doing it in a fun way. The video sees Welfare and drummer Kyle Gray recording the track live at Blooroom Studios in Ladismith, and then also their travels to and experiences at Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast 2013.  There is also not a single mall parking lot in sight.

William WelfareThe footage was shot by Welfare and Gray on a shitty little GoPro knock-off camera while they where both covering the festival for Rolling Stone SA Magazine in August. Welfare interviewed most of the artists seen in the video during the festival. Some of these artists include Chino Marino from Deftones, Koos Kombuis, Black Cat Bones, Bittereinder, Shadowclub, Jack Parow and Tumi Molekane from Tumi and The Volume.

When I asked him why he chose to go for the rush-rush madness you see in the video, Welfare said “The video shows how fast-paced and crazy my job as a travelling music journalist and musician is. There’s no time to set up shit and get the lighting right – I have to be in 10 places at once. It’s a DIY point an’ shoot mash-up”.
I think it is also because self produced videos are cheaper, and let’s face it, if you have the skill and semi decent gear, nowadays you can make a pretty cool video if you try.

Personally, I dig the dude, and I dig his vibe. I was massively impressed with his live performance at STRAB in Mozambique this year and I can only hope that his music hits the SA audience hard. Good luck with your foray into the English scene William, looking forward to the album!

Check out @willimwelsyn on twitter, as well as his Facebook pressence

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