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RAMfest 2013 – Joburg Line-up, highlights and a stupid joke.

4 Feb

It’s the return of the RAM!Ram-JHB-low-res

Yes kids, RAMfest (Real Alternative Music Festival) returns to Riversands Farm (near Fourways, Johannesburg) on 15 & 16 March 2013. I say this to you, thinking that you are a dumbass if you don’t already know it.

What you might very well not have noticed yet, is the line-up for the event. This is wrong, coz you really, really need to see it… and hate February, as well as March1-14 for standing between now and then.

This year the Joburg leg of the festival is spread over two days, with 3 stages. As usual I don’t really care about the electronic stage, but my friends that are into that type of shit all seem to agree that even that line-up is awesome.

Of the many bands, it’s obvious that the big ones will stand out. Van Coke Kartel, Jack Parow, Rise Against, Bring me The Horizon , Pestroy needs no mention. You know who they are, and that you will want to see them.

Bands I would like to highlight, and that you need to check out, are the following:

  • North of Winter
  • Black  Cat Bones
  • Man As Machine
  • Beast
  • City of Heroes
  • Jet Black Camaro
  • Tailor
  • The Smoking Mojo’s

Here’s the full line-up for all the stages (times may change and all that). Which bands would you like to highlight?north of winter


: Fri 15 March:
23h15 – Jack Parow
21h30 – Van Coke Kartel (sameswering)
20h30 – Fuzigish
19h30 – The Inspector Cluzo (Fra)
18h30 – Black Cat Bones
17h30 – Man As Machine

: Sat 16 March:
20h00 – tbc
18h30 – Pestroy
17h30 – Mind Assault
16h30 – Beast
15h30 – Juggernaught
14h30 – Truth & Its Burden
13h30 – Deity’s Muse
12h30 – The Hammer Of Redemption


:Fri 15 March:
23h00 – I AM NOIZE
22h00 – Double Adapter
21h00 – Das Kapital
20h00 – Prototype
19h00 – Veranda Panda
18h00 – Mr Mon

:Sat 16 March:
23h00 – Reepa
22h00 – Rude One
21h00 – Sibot
19h00 – Pendulum Dj set & Verse
17h30 – Twelv & Thesis
16h00 – Benson
14h30 – NightVision
13h00 – JanuaryOne

This stage will pull you straight out of your hangover, right back into the swing of festivities.

:Fri 15 March:
22h00 – The FrownBeast
21h00 – Freedom For Your Life
20h00 – Planet Joy
19h00 – North Of Winter
18h00 – City Of Heroes

:Sat 16 March:
22h00 – 4am
21h00 – The Stella’s
20h00 – The Action Thrillers
19h00 – Low Profile
18h00 – Hokum
17h00 – Short Straw
16h00 – Jet Black Camaro
15h00 – The Sunday Punchers
14h00 – Asleep In Transit
13h00 – Rambling Bones
12h15 – Tailor
11h30 – Tamara Tree
10h45 – Earl Grey & Croquet
10h00 – The Smoking Mojo’s



Even though the camping tickets are all sold out, you can still get 2Day access tickets.:
RAMfest Johannesburg tickets: http://www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1467

– R550 pre sold,2 day access. NO camping incl.
– R650 at the gate, 2 day access, NO camping incl.
• No credit card? Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter for cash sales points, or use Ticketbreak’s EFT services.

Campsite opens on Friday 15 March at 12:00 for campers. For non campers doors will open from 15:00.


High Five Party Bus
– http://www.highfivepartybus.com/ram-fest.html
– http://www.facebook.com/events/339999349426156/

Hot Box Express
– http://www.hotboxexpress.com/

RAMfest on the interwebs:

I look forward to seeing you all at RAMfest 2013!

Lastly, as promised, a stupid joke:
A police officer stops a blonde for speeding and asks her very nicely if he could see her license.
She replied in a huff, “I wish you guys could get your act together. Just yesterday you take away my license and then today you expect me to show it to you.”

MK Awards 2013: Nominees Announced

1 Feb

Earlier this week, a few sparks flew on twitter regarding the MK Awards 2013.logo
Did MK prematurely post the nominees for their 7th annual award ceremony on their website? I doubt it.
Did some band’s fan’s friend get it wrong and start a whole unnecessary halluballoo? Quite probably.
Do I care? No.
Easy, ‘coz the real award nominations are out now, and they look awesome.

You get to vote, so it’s up to you who goes to the State Theatre in Pretoria to collect their award(s) on 24 March 2013.

MK has changed things up a bit for this year’s awards by introducing the “Best SA Music Festival” and “Best Solo” categories. Phase one of the MK Awards 2013 took place between 10 and 25 January, where people had the opportunity to nominate who they felt best deserved to be in the “Best Live” and “Best SA Music Fest” categories. The artists and festival who came out with the most nominations by 25 January were included as official nominees.

Starting today, you have until 12:00, 8 March 2013 to vote on MK’s website and Facebook page.

For exclusive updates on the MK Awards 2013,  follow MK on:


Now when you vote, I just want to ask you one thing:


I know that you would like to vote for your personal favourite band, but be honest with yourself (and the whole world): Vote for the band that actually deserves to win the category.

The nominees for 2013 are:

Best Video

    • Die Heuwels Fantasties – Verraadplaas
    • Tailor – Wolf
    • The Frown – The National
    • The Parlotones – Honey Spiders
    • Van Coke Kartel – Tot Die Son Uitkom
    • Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame you

Best Newcomer

    • Gangs of Ballet – Hello Sweet World
    • Goodnight Wembley – Time Machine
    • Spoegwolf – Lenie Blou
    • Tailor – Wolf
    • Toya DeLazy – Pump It On
    • Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light

Best Group

    • Die Antwoord – Baby Is On Fire
    • ISO – Destiny
    • The Plastics – Stereo Kids
    • Van Coke Kartel – Dis ‘n Land
    • Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame You

Best Rock

    • Jack Parow ft. Francois van Coke – Hard Partytjie Hou
    • Taxi Violence – Unholy
    • Van Coke Kartel – Dis ‘n Land
    • Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light
    • Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame you

Best SFX/Animation

    • Absinthe – Love Will Tear US Apart
    • Haezer ft. Lark – Brave
    • Mr Sakitumi – Jungle Jimmy
    • The Frown – The National
    • The Parlotones – Honey Spiders

Best Indie

    • Ashtray Electric – Bittersweet Manipulator
    • Black Handed Kites – Up
    • Mug-Shot – Bare Bones
    • Shortstraw – One Long Day
    • The Plastics – Stereo Kids

Best Dance

    • Die Antwoord – Baby Is On Fire
    • Double Adapter – Eat You Alive
    • Goodluck – Harlem
    • Johnny Neon – Hearts
    • Pascal & Pearce – Disco Sun

Best Solo

    • Bouwer Bosch ft. Jaco van der Merwe – (K)anker
    • ChianoSky – Sick Sick Sick
    • Jeremy Loops – Howling
    • Shotgun Tori – Sweet Weather
    • Toya DeLazy – Love Is In The Air

Best Live Act

    • Bittereinder
    • Fokofpolisiekar
    • Gangs of Ballet
    • Jeremy Loops
    • The Black Cat Bones
    • Van Coke Kartel

Best SA Music Festival

    • Oppikoppi 2012
    • RAMfest 2012
    • Rocking The Daisies 2012
    • Synergy 2012
    • Up The Creek 2012


Care to share your opinions or maybe venture a guess as to who might win what?
I love the fact that there is quite some diversity in this lot. I have deliberately not just put up videos of who I think should/will win (some of them, yes, others I just like)

Can’t wait for the awards!

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