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Bittereinder does Aandklas: A Knight out with the King

23 Dec

Yes, you read correctly: Bittereinder does Aandklas
Now, if you know any of the words in that phrase other than “does” you are most probably a Pretorian and raised with proper taste in music (go thank your parents now).
If you know all three of those words, you find yourself part of less than 1% of human population (which is pretty much the case when you are South African, but that’s beside the point).
You are the exception!
Bittereinder at Aandklas CrowdGetting to the gig, we were greeted by an unusually empty Aandklas (everyone was on the deck at the back having some pre-drinks and getting ready to rock out with the Grind Radio people). All the tables had been moved away and the stage put to good use, having all of Bittereinder’s gear already set up.

After a couple of intense games of foose and lots of brandy (I blame the cute promo girl for my hangover), we headed to the newly created concert area where we were entertained by the awesome beat boxing talents of Aandklas manager Jodi, who has the magical ability of making even the South African anthem sound really, really cool!
Bittereinder at Aandklas Jaco van der MerweWhen Bittereinder took the stage, it was quite difficult to find a comfortable place to stand, so we opted for our favourite spot in Aandklas: a tabletop.
Having found our spot at the top of the world and fending off all would-be intruders, we had the perfect view of the stage, with only Louis being a bit obscured from our vision by the pole that Jaco clung to so religiously throughout the show.

Then the bass dropped.

In true Bittereinder style, the boys nearly blew out my eardrums and the bra’s off the girls in the front row (though, I think that might have been more of a voluntary action from the girls’ side).
Bittereinder at Aandklas Peach van Pletzen

Now I myself, being not-too-sober of thought by this time, could miraculously still keep my footing on said tabletop and rock out to the sound that we as Pretorians have come to know and love as OURS.

We claim Bittereinder as our own, as they have claimed Snor City as theirs. Admittedly, I do not know all of their songs off by heart, but there is still something special that happens every time you hear the words “Pretoria in my Hart”.
Bittereinder at Aandklas Louis MinnaarBittereinder has a way of making you move, no matter who you are or how kak a day you had.
When you hear their sound you cannot help but get either a retarded grin on your face or belt it out with them. We all know how to spell it *B I to-the-double T E R…* and we are all more than willing to put our hands up like we’re deurmekaar.

All good things must however come to an end, and this show in particular felt as though it was over way too soon (probably due to an alcohol-induced time lapse). In this time, however, I had managed to lose track of the friends I went with, chat up a girl, make new friends, piss said girl off and run into friends that I haven’t seen in almost two years.
All in all another magical Knight Out at Aandklas, with the soundtrack supplied by one of the Capital’s greatest exports.

*All pictures in this post by Henno Kruger*

I do apologize for taking so long to write this piece, but I have been extremely busy on other adventures, all of which will also be featured here. Keep an eye open for my next post, where I will be talking about other Kings, police cars and quiz nights.

EDIT: This is the final prove himself post for Michael King. After this, he will be an official content contributor on Baas de Beer’s Blog. – Baas de Beer

MK Awards 2014 – I was wrong, but so were you

18 Feb

mk awards logoThe MK Awards this year stood out for a few reasons, least of all how wrong I was with most of my predictions or the fact that I wore a tie.
The biggest reason surely being the fat finger they flipped everyone who said that MK won’t make it to see another awards ceremony since going off-air and on-line.

Another outstanding aspect was a delightfully hilarious egg (Anne Hirsch) enhancing the lol-factor brought to the stage by Bouwer Bosch and Jean Jordaan. (Well done on the Parlotones joke. Made my night).
I also loved the new song by Fokofpolisiekar (although I can for the life of me not remember it’s name. Might have been Paranoia or Afrika or something like that)

Anne HirschLastly, before we get to the actual awards, I must mention something that made me glad: It was as if the online culture seeped through to the style of the ceremony.
Sure, you might see it as being shorter, with less awards and less performances than previous years. You might even have attended another one of these and noted that this year they had less going on pre- and post-event.
You would, of course, be wrong.
I prefer to see it as MK embracing the nature of an on-line identity. Short, to the point, here you go now fuck off. That, ladies and gentleman, is the internet for you in a nutsack. If MK were to splash out on an MTV size event, it would almost have gone against what they are slowly but surely busy accomplishing: Creating a fully digital platform where they can excel.
Also, we partied our tits off afterwards, so stop bitching.

While on the topic of how wrong you might have been, let’s go to the awards.
And yes… YOU, dear voter, did get it wrong a few times. Because I said so.
(Feel free to tell me I’m wrong in the comments below)

Winner: Shortstraw – Waterworks
I said: Van Coke Kartel ft. Jack Parow – Chaos
Why you were wrong: Shortstraw’s video is cool… but Van Coke’s vid just compliments the song better. It is also a better song.

HaddadLive Act:
Winner: Jeremy Loops
I said: Bittereinder
Why you were wrong: Yes, I did admit that Jeremy Loops is AMAZING live… but take a look at the size and quantity of awesome shows Bittereinder played in the last year.

Winner: Shortstraw – Good Morning Sunshine
I said: Bittereinder
Why you were wrong: You weren’t, you could have been more right though.

FokofBudget Video:
Winner: Al Bairre – We move on
I said: The Plastics
Why you were wrong: Here you really picked probably the worst nomination. And I really am sorry to say it, coz I love Al Bairre and it is a GREAT tune… It’s just that the video is absolutely unoriginal and really boring. After 40 seconds an epileptic seizure set on by the flashy images starts looking like a more pleasant experience…

Winner: Al Bairre
I said: Matthew Mole
Why I was wrong: Yes, you read right. I was wrong. In retrospect I have to give it to Al Bairre… And no, I am not trying to make up for my comment regarding their video. I really do believe that they deserved to win this.

Van Coke Kartel
No argument here.

The masses spoke, and you settled the little argument I had with myself…

To crown it all, 2 new (and rather unexpected) awards were handed out. I, for one, am absolutely stoked about them…

Haddad Viljoen
I spoke to the man afterwards, and let me assure you , he deserves this award and 10 more.

Basically, this award goes to someone who MK would like to honour for his/her contribution to the SA music industry. To festivals, to media, to.. well, everything. For being THERE.
I foresee this award being bestowed on many more. I should think that the next one could very well go to Carel Hoffmann, the main man behind Oppikoppi.

Arcade Empire & Assembly (shared)
Yes, Arcade won… and having never had the opportunity to party in Assembly (I know, sad hey?) I can only assume that they must be ridiculously awesome to even be named in the same breath as Arcade.

Well done guys, let’s see which venues step up to the plate for next year’s awards.

Well, that was that. And yes, my opinions are just that, my OPINIONS.
So just coz I say some other bad deserved an award, doesn’t mean the other options were shit. I love most of the nominated bands,and would really like to see all of them rise to deservedly win tons of awards.

Drop YOUR opinion here below. Or don’t.

All pics by Henno Kruger. See more here.

Nominees announced for the 2014 MK Awards

10 Dec

mk awards logoEver since MK went off the TV and took residence on our computer screens, fears have been mounting that -in spite of what they unequivocally claim- they might be dead and/or dying. Facebook pages and other online campaigns have been launched to manipulate the powers that be into bringing MK back to the dying medium of the century.
Yes, I do believe that TV itself is dying, much in the way a caterpillar “dies” before it’s reborn, in TV’s case as a beautiful online butterfly.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: MK is ahead of it’s time [in moving online], and if they play their cards right, they will still be able to remain one of the most powerful protagonists of South African music.

As if to prove my point, they have just released the nominees for the 2014 MK Awards.
I foresee a much more relevant and less mass-pleasing affair this year. People who support MK in its new cyber-incarnation, are much more dedicated to not only the channel, but to the music it plays and culture it represents. Voting, therefore, should reflect the opinion of the true fan and not just the fad fan.

Without further ado, here’s the list (and some of my thoughts regarding it):

Best Music Video:

Van Coke Kartel ft. Jack Parow – Chaos
Bicycle Thief – Goodbye Ian Curtis
Haezer – Troublemaker ft. Tumi
The Plastics – Best Pretenders
PH Fat – House of Clashes
Wrestlerish – Battleground
Shortstraw – Waterworks
Bittereinder – Kwaad Naas

I do believe that Van Coke ft Parow will take it. Of all these great videos, this one stands out to me because it’s not only an awesome video, but fits perfectly with the awesome song.


Best Live Act:

Van Coke Kartel
Zebra & Giraffe
Desmond & The Tutus
Jeremy Loops
PH Fat

The fierce battle for the prize, in what I believe to be the most important category of any music awards program, is going to be a nailbiter. Although both Jeremy Loops and Desmond and the Tutus have put up some of my personal favourite shows of the year, nothing seems to beat the consistantly brilliant performances by Van Coke Kartel and Bittereinder. After a BLAZING Oppikoppi performance, I think that Bittereinder could very well edge past the Belville band in this one.


Album of the Year:

Gangs of Ballet – Yes/No/Grey
Shortstraw – Good Morning, Sunshine
Bittereinder – Die Dinkdansmasjien
The Plastics – Pyramid
Taxi Violence – Soul Shake

In certain respects, 2013 was a slightly quieter year when it came to good new album releases. The good ones that did come out though, were great. Due to the sheer volume of thumping hits and great party tracks on one album, I’ll give this one to Bittereinder as well.


Best Music Video under R15k:

Al Bairre – We Move On
Bye Beneco – On The Line
Moving House – Tongue in Cheek
The Plastics – Occasional Lies
Desmond & The Tutus – The Future

I am absolutely stoked with the inclusion of this category. For an upcoming band to be able to compete with the more established (or better sponsored) ones, is an almost insurmountable task. So kudo’s to MK.
This also proves that a good video does not necessarily require a budget capable of buying a Gupta.
For this one I nominate  The Plastics. Al Bairre’s song is cool, but seriously guys, that video has been done a million times…


Best Newcomer:

Al Bairre
Matthew Mole
Michael Lowman
Die Skynmaagde
Bye Beneco

All of the nominees have worked their asses off. Making a decision here is only made a bit easier by Matthew Mole’s insane growth spurt as a musical entity in the last year. It’s like this man can do no wrong…


Best Festival:

Up The Creek
Rocking The Daisies

Oppikoppi will take this. Numbers talk in an audience driven voting system.
However, with 2014’s RAMFest line-up, next year’s awards could very well be a different ballgame.
I will say this however, I had my most memorable musical moment at RAMFest this year whith Rise Against.
Or was it Mango Groove, Fokofpolisiekar and The Narrow at Oppikoppi?
Hell, I don’t know. Help?


Van Coke Kartel - Skop Skiet en DonnerBest Afrikaans Group:

Van Coke Kartel
Jack Parow
Die Skynmaagde
Dans Dans Lisa
Die Heuwels Fantasties

Van Coke Kartel.


All that remains to be seen now, is who will host the awards ceremony. Jaco from Bittereinder and Desmond and the Tutus’ Shane set the bar pretty high last year… Maybe MK should ask me, coz you know, awesome moustache and all 😉


I look forward to see how my predictions correlate with the eventual results.
What do you think? Am I an insightful music-award-predicting guru, or should I cut down on the crazy pills?
I know opinions differ, for instance my mate Henno Kruger will probably try to convince me that he’s right :p Read his opinion here.

Go make your mark on the official MK Awards Voting site, and remember: Vote for the best, even though it might not always be your favourite.

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