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I lost a friend at Oppikoppi

11 Aug

Before I write any post-Koppi band reviews, share any camp stories or post any pics, I need to get this emotional burden off my chest.

I have lost a friend. A companion that has not only been with me for so many years, but one that really saved my ass on several occasions.

Oppikoppi 2011You have been with me to my very first Oppikoppi Festival​ in 2011, and each one since.
Now this might not seem like a big deal, but to those who know how tough Koppi can be, will understand how impressive this is. But it wasn’t just in the dust where you supported me.

One RAMfest​ (sorry about the others you missed, but you only seemed to enjoy camping) proved that you weren’t scared off by little knee deep mud and torrential rain. You came with me to Mieliepop Festival​, twice. Apparently the cold never bothered you anyway. The same number of times you accompanied me to STRAB​ in Mozambique (sorry for this year, I couldn’t arrange transport for you). When I needed you, you joined me at Park Acoustics. Two Otterlake Easter Festival​ experiences proved that you have a charitable side too.
Mieliepop 2014 - Photo by Henno KrugerSpeaking of charity, you never seemed to mind when people used you. Even if I didn’t know them from a bar of soap. You always made it your mission to make sure visitors to our camp sites had a comfortable stay.

Ramfest 2014 - Photo by Henno KrugerYou shared in so many camp fire stories, random drunken moments and way too many rounds of our beloved game, Kings. Whether it was at a music festival or a braai at my place, you never folded under the pressure of dealing with my social dealings.
You’ve been in my life for longer than all my serious relationships put together, and supported me even more than the same.

Thanks for the memories, I will miss you, my dear green Campmaster chair.

Otterlake 2014 - Photo by Henno Kruger

Man as Machine: A Pre-RAMfest Blurp

6 Mar

Man as Machine


Man as Machine logoI’m almost heading off to RAMfest Johannesburg. (Although it is not in Joburg, but hey, whatever).

One of the bands I look forward to seeing in action, is Man as Machine.
Catch them on Saturday, 16:00 on the Red Heart Rum stage.


That’s it for now.
If you’re going to RAM, see you there.
If not, I am sorry, here’s a comforting hug…


RAMfest: The post you shouldn’t read

25 Feb

RAMfest HeaderThe internet is flooded with a plethora of awesome posts about RAMFest 2014.
Music/entertainment bloggers, musicians, promoters, fans… all are cRAMming visions of awesomeness and great expectations down your digital throats. Everywhere you turn there’s a picture, a reminder of the fest.

And if you’re not going, it is probably the last thing you want to see.
So seriously, if you are not going to RAMfest, do not read the rest of this post, coz you will hate me, and that will suck.

RAMfest Joburg line-upYou see, I am now going to tell you about the 3 things I personally look forward to most about RAMfest, aside from what everyone else will have told you a million times by now. I mean, of course I look forward to the music, I mean, seriously, have you even SEEN the line-up?
It’s also obvious that I can’t wait to party my tits off with all the awesome people (which by now, if you were obedient earlier, includes you).

But what is it that I believe sets this fest apart from most other, especially when it comes to things you might not even think of?
Read on, and I’ll tell you what I think. Feel free to add on your opinion, as I am by far not informed enough to know everything:

    After every year, people love to flap their lips (coz everyone is an expert)… To be honest, I have done that in the past. I have ranted about the sound and made some very specific suggestions in the years gone by (seeing as I am a bit of an opinionated arse). Guess what, RAMfest listened. Now I’m not saying that the sound fills in the front of the stage is BECAUSE they read my rants, but I still like to think I made it happen. Toilets have been bitched about, the year thereafter the lav-situation was sorted. Food stalls have been criticized… and yes, the year after that you had more to eat and choose from than even I could get to.
  • RAMfest GROWS
    I don’t only mean in numbers, but in quality. Better bands, better stages, better sound, more, bigger, longer… And I cannot see any reason why they will ever stop. They are, in fact playing an essential part in GROWING the music culture in South Africa, and for that we all owe them a massive hi5 and a few shots.
    The festival, and it’s organisers, have been the targets of much publicised criticism and attacks from various avenues. From preachers to neighbours and other unenlightened people. Yet, through all of this, they treat even the complainers with respect. More than that, they respect the people who go to the fest. In my personal experience, I have never seen them be rude to stupid people who ask stupid questions. They never think that they are better than anyone who attends. In fact, as a media-ish person, it has ALWAYS been a pleasure working with them. 

RAMfest 2014Now, I am not saying that they are the only people who do the above, but in an industry where so many venues and/or organisers do not do the above, I find it truly exceptional that they constantly maintain the above, and even though 2014’s events haven’t even happened yet, I already look forward to 2015 and further on…

OK, if you are a little rebel, and read this post even though you thought you are not going to go to RAMfest, I bet you might want to make a plan now. So head on over to www.ramfest.co.za and book your tickets before it is too late…

See you there! If I’m not at the stage, I’ll be at the bar 😉

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