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Van Coke Kartel – Here Man

9 Dec

Daar is ‘n nuwe Van Coke Kartel music video uit, en hy is lekker.

Van Coke Kartel - Here ManDie song self is catchy, met ‘n polsende antemiese gevoel (ja, dis die beste vertaling wat ek kon pleeg vir thumping anthemic vibe). Die video herinner tot ‘n mate aan jarre terug se HiKaToRi animations (almal saam: MELK… MAN! Sêmywaarheenjywilgaan MELK MAN!) maar in ‘n sterk ander styl gedoen. Meer as net funky prentjies, vertel die video ‘n storie, en dis iets wat in baie van die music videos wat deesdae uitkom, erg mis.

Jy mag dalk ‘n streak in die animation sien wat bekend lyk, veral as jy Jack Parow se onlangse video vir Fok Fokkity Fok gesien het. Dis waarskynlik omdat die super talented Keegan Thornhill op beide projekte gewerk het.

Wel, ek love dit. Wat dink jy van die video?

As bonus, hier is Jack Parow se nuutse sommer ook:

Drop ‘n comment, en deel sommer die storie met jou maatjies terwyl jy hier is. Hulle sal jou meer like, en dus meer shots vir jou koop as jul uitgaan.

Does Jack Parow have an ulterior motive?

25 Aug

Jack Parow - NagVanDieLangPetteJack Parow launched a new video today. 
No swearing, no booze, no killing of any pop stars… and it’s got quite an Afro feel to it.

In fact, it’s a happy tune dedicated to the working class heroes of society.
It features everyday people, like you and me. Not just wanksters from the fake flats or high profile bling people from PRETentiousville. Just normal, average South Africans.

Now, this might prompt certain sceptics to ask whether Parow has gone soft. Maybe he has some hidden ploy to make the common man his fan. In fact, is he trying to fake something different just to infiltrate a new market and make more money by associating with a wider audience?

I have had the privilege of meeting up with Mr Parow and chatting to him on different occasions in different circumstances. From the more formal introductions when I MC’d a show where he was headlining, to backstage chatter at smaller shows and the occasional kakpraat at a party.
Based on this, I can personally refute any of such possible accusations. 

Sure, catering for a wider spectrum of potential fans is a great business move, and I respect that. Fact is, the Jack Parow I see in this video is closer to the real life Jack than most of his other videos. In my eyes, he has always been the perpetual common man. As an entertainer hard working and innovative. As a person, just plain nice. The type of guy you could easily chat to a braai or chat to about mundane things like rugby.

Jack Parow has been the focus of much controversy and targeted media criticism. In this case, for any potential fault-seekers, I can simply say this: Grow up, and appreciate a lekker tune by a lekker dude.

In case you have not yet experienced it, here’s the video for Jack Parow – ODE TO YOU ft Nonku. Also, do yourself a favour a watch the videos preceding this one, where you see some of the behind the scenes action.

What do you think? Am I completely nuts or do you echo my opinions?
Do comment, do share, don’t wear crocs.

OMG, they’re gonna kill Kenny! [Win Tickets]

28 Mar

Kenny KuneneWell, not really. But they are going to roast him.

Kenny Kunene, according to Wikipedia, is a businessman from South Africa and Secretary-General of the Patriotic Alliance.
According to Comedy Central Africa however, he is the next SA famous-person to be roasted like a piece of flame grilled chicken.

Yes, I did just allude to the fact that this event is sponsored by Nando’s.  Now you know.

What caught my eye, was not so much the roastee (I mean, Kenny does politics, he doesn’t need anyone else to make an arse out of him. That’s what his career is for). What’s gonna make this roast stand out, is the interesting panel of roasters:

John VlismasJohn Vlismas
You haven’t been insulted until you have been insulted by this outrageously hilarious comedian.

Tumi Morake
According to her website, she is a “Comedienne – Actress – Writer – Academic – Mother – Wife”. After this roast, she can add chef to her little list.

Jack Parow
Afrikaans zefrapper, poet and prophet (yes, I do think he is all that) will no doubt bring in some Kommin Kaap to the mix. And by that I mean “Jou ma se p*es”.

Rian van Heerden
Controversial radio host and opinionist Rian will no doubt lend some shock value to the roast

PJ PowersP.J Powers
The legendary songstress was banned from radio and TV in the late 80’s. Let’s see if she can turn the heat up so much so that they ban her again…

Dineo Ranaka
Ok, according to me this radio/presenter is a very nice person. Seriously. Now, having seen my share of roasts, I know that it is quite often the nice ones that surprise you… #BURN

Somizi Mhlongo
Not sure if it will be him or his alter ego (Madame Gigi) doing the roasting. Either way, prepare for  some bitch slaps flying…

Khanyi MbauKhanyi Mbau
Coz every roast needs a hottie. Haha.






Now here’s the clincher:

Jimmy CarrYour Roast Master is one of my personal favourite comedians, the inimitable Jimmy Carr.
Everything this man does, is quite simply brilliant. From his stand-up shows and quiz shows to public appearances and (I’m sure) doing mundane stuff like tying his shoes, Jimmy is a genius. So when one of the world’s “most offensive” comedians is your roast master, you can be sure that it will be one to remember.


  • The Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene Fired up by Nando’s
  • 3 April (Thursday)
  • 20:00-23:30
  • Lyric Theatre
  • Tickets: Computicket / Lyric Theatre Box Office @R700

To find out more about Comedy Central’s Roast of Kenny Kunene Fired up by Nando’s, check it out on Facebook or follow the fun on Twitter @ComedyCentralAFInstagram or Tumblr

Join the convo with the tag #RoastZA.

Kenny Kunene Roast


Simply tweet the following:

Hi ! I hope you meet  at ‘s  of Kenny Kunene . Can I win those tickets?

Other prizes might also be happening in the form of signed stuff, but you’ll know more about it when it does (watch my tweets).

Entries close Sunday 30 March 2014, 17:00.
Winner chosen randomly.

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