Kings – The ULTIMATE Drinking Game

31 Jul Cards

Of the hundreds of drinking games I have played, King’s Cup is probably my favourite.

As with most drinking games though, the rules for this game are something of a mystery to most. Firstly because if they play it right, they tend to forget them, but also because everyone has their one little version of it. Now I don’t really claim to be an expert, but other people do tend to enjoy my version of things.

The biggest thing people have against Kings, is that it can very easily become a lopsided affair. Three people get wasted while the rest waste their time, or everything just derails. The rules we play with is structured so that everyone is involved and everything can be hilarious.

The Game:

Players sit around a deck of cards, taking turns (clockwise) to take a card and follow the action dictated by the card.
Use 1 deck for 4-6 players.
Use 2 decks for 6-10 players.
For more than 10 players, rather play 2 separate games.

Kings SetupThe Setup:

Spread cards out in a circle around an empty class (The King’s Cup). Cards must be overlapping.
Starting with the winner (or as some would call him/her, the loser) of the previous round, draw a card, declare it to the players and do what it tells you to. Place used card face-up on table, unless it’s a keep-card, which you keep for a while. Move to next player. (First person to break the circle takes a penalty drink)

Penalty drinks:

Although some people play it with shots, I’ve found everyone gets waaay too wasted too soon. Rather just play with sips from your drink.


  • aces-300x294Ace – Rule Card
    • Player gets to make a rule that is valid for the rest of the game
    • Rule may not be aimed at only one person (If I drink, everyone has to drink / Whenever someone drinks, Sally drinks / Peter is not allowed to speak / Etc… ) – – Logically, should this game be played at a bachelor’s party, this clause falls away.
    • Rule may not cancel a previous rule out – The confusion is part of the fun
    • Should a rule be broken, a penalty shot/sip has to be taken
    • For examples of fun rules, see below.
  • 2 is for you
    • Nominate any other player to drink
  • 3 is for me
    • Player drinks
  • 4 is for whores
    • All the ladies drink
    • Should there be no girls in the game, then “Four’s the Floor!”, and the last player to touch the floor, drinks.
  • Playing Card 5 Spade5 – Rock Paper Scissors (because “5’s alive” is stupid)
    • The “weapon” played by most players, is out (so 1 rock, 3 papers and 2 scissors – everyone who played paper is out/safe)
    • In the event of a tie, the odd one out is out (1 rock, 2 papers, 2 scissors – rock is out/safe)
    • Play again, until only 2 players are left, the normal rules apply. Loser drinks.
  • 6 is for dicks
    • All the men drink
    • Should there be no dudes in the game, “Six is sexy” – Everyone makes a “sex noise” and by popular vote, the worst noise loses, and player has to drink.
  • 7‘s
    • Count, player who drew the cards starts at 1, moving clockwise
    • Players aren’t allowed to say the word “seven” or multiples of 7. So 7, 14, 17, 21, 27, 28 etc are forbidden.
    • Instead of the forbidden number, player makes ANY sound (can even be a word or another number), and play switches direction.
    • First player to say forbidden or wrong number, or takes longer than 5 seconds to say the right one, or speaks out of turn, loses and has to drink.
  • 8‘s a date/mate
    • Player picks a date to drink with them.
    • Only one penalty sip, not whole round/game
  • 9 bust a rhyme
    • Player picks a word (not orange, silver or purple for obvious reasons) and, moving clockwise, players have to say a word that rhymes with that word
    • The first player to repeat a word, say a word that doesn’t exist or take longer than 5 seconds to answer, drinks.
  • 10 is Categories
    • Exactly like 9, except player chooses a category, say for instance car makes, cigarette brands, magazines etc. starting with the player, name an example of that category until someone repeats or falters. Loser drinks.
  • Viking HornsJack – Master of thumbs / Viking Card
    • Lick and stick the card to your forehead. If it falls, drink and put it back
    • Card is active until next Jack is drawn
    • Playing at a table? Then ‘Master of thumbs’
      • Any time the Master of Thumbs places his thumb on the table, everyone has to do the same. Last to do so, drinks
    • Not playing at a table? The “Viking Card”
      • Any time the card holder puts his Viking helmet on (signified by holding his fingers like horns to his head), all players must start rowing the boat (mimic a rowing action). Last person to row, drinks.
    • NB: Only a dick plays his Thumb/Viking move more than once in a turn
  • Queen – The Quiz Card
    • Player states a fact about him/herself. This can be truth or a lie.
    • Everyone who thinks it’s true, raise your hand – If you think it’s false, keep your hand down
    • For everyone that guessed correctly, the player drinks a sip. Everyone that was wrong, take a sip for every wrong person.
    • Say the fact was true. 3 guessed it is true, 2 guessed it’s false. The player who drew the card has to drink 3 sips, while each player who said false, has to drink 2.
      Many people ask me why I don’t play “Queen of Questions” with this card. Well, coz it got boring, plus with this version you actually get to know people…
  • United Cardists King of SpadesKing‘s Contribution
    • Player who draws the king, fills a quarter of the King’s Cup with his own drink
    • Place card face up on top of the cup (to keep track of how many Kings have been played)
    • Last King to be drawn, fills up the cup, and player has to down the drink.
    • This also ends the game, all rules are reset.
    • Everyone gets to go pee, refill, get snacks and get ready for the next round.
  • JOKER (If you decide to play with it)
    • Player tells a joke
    • Plays like the Queen card, except with laughter. If you laugh, you’re “wrong”, if you don’t laugh, you’re “right” (so player takes a sip for every person who didn’t laugh, while laughers drink for every person who laughed with them)

At first glance this can look quite confusing, but trust me, after one round everyone has the general idea. It’s even easier if at least one person knows the rules.

Speaking of rules, here area a few of my favourite ones when drawing an Ace:

  • Duke_OnkledNo smiling/laughing
  • No teeth (Not allowed to show teeth. At all.)
  • Everyone must be addressed by their name/surname. Player MUST use the person’s name when talking to him/her.
  • Names shift – Like previous one, but every players name shifts a player or 3 to the left/right. So Sarah will now be called John and has to react to John. If she doesn’t, she drinks. If she’s called Sarah and reacts, she drinks. If a player calls her by the wrong name (Sarah), that player drinks.
  • No elbows on table
  • No pointing
  • No allowed to say a person’s name (especially evil if the no pointing rule is in place)
  • Not allowed to say “me, I, my, mine”
  • Not allowed to say the words DRINK / DRANK / DRUNK (this one is really evil)
  • Before drinking, you have to say *insert tongue twister here*
  • Players are not allowed to drink for themselves. They still have to drink, but have to be fed by the player next to them.
  • No swearing
  • MUST swear in every sentence
  • Must end every sentence with a phrase (in my pants /  while masturbating /  to fuck your mom / etc…)


There are hundreds of awesome rules to make, especially when you follow them with even crazier rules. Remember, if a player breaks a rule unnoticed, it’s your fault. Make sure you are vigilant and point out transgressors.

There you go, easy right? For the fun of it, mix things up sometimes. Play 4’s the floor and 6 is sexy even though there are ladies and gents present. Make 5 a social card where everybody just drinks… As long as everyone plays by the same rules, and at least tries to focus on the game, it will be fun.

Let me know how your game of Kings went… Or better yet, invite me over to play with you.
And seriously, don’t drink and drive.

You say tomato, I say Zomato…

23 Jun Zomato Cover 01

Zomato Logo…and then I go to Zomato to see where I should go eat a tomato. Which by the way, is pronounced to-mah-to.

Years ago, I came up with the idea to start grading restaurants and venues. I had a whole elaborate plan, and system, and ideas… and not much else. Especially prominent was the lack of money, resources and time I had. Needless to say, my idea didn’t pan out. However the seed of interest in relevant venue rating was sown, which is why I am so glad I discovered Zomato.

Zomato is the world’s fastest growing restaurant discovery platform.You hear that, not a grading service, but discovery platform. Now, isn’t that what it should really be about. Not just saying this is kak or give it a thumbs-up. But to actively help you discover new eateries, new experiences, new friends.

Zomato BarPresent in 26 countries and active in over 10 000 cites, Zomato has turned that same idea that I had, into a social network, with the actual emphasis on social. The basic info is good (like the venue address, menus, photos etc), but what I really dig is the social angle. No longer is a newspaper review by some snob with a thing for too much garlic (even I have garlic limits) the way you judge a restaurant. You get proper peer reviews. You can even maintain a food diary, and share your experiences with friends.

Don’t have friends? Or don’t trust their opinions? Don’t worry, on Zomato you can follow foodies of your choice. Let them help you find the perfect eatery to cater for your culinary experimentation.

Zomato Girl with SpoonIs Zomato the best thing since sliced bread got cheese? Honestly, I am not sure yet, but I am eager to find out. I will endeavour to use this service, and see where it takes me.
Enough ranting about this by me, why don’t you check it out yourself?

And no, their logo is a spoon. A SPOON people!
Get your mind out of the gutter… Hehe!

If you are reading this, I take it you found the post readable enough to go through the entire thing. Maybe your friends will like it too? (Yes, this is a hint-hint-share moment).

Zomato Cover 02

A R200 Braai for 4 people – Recipe

5 May R200 (5)

Legendary lover of The Braai, BraaiBoy, challenged a bunch of bloggers to prepare a meal for 4 people.
The catch being that the maximum budget for the meal was R200.

Now, R200 is a shitload 2-min Noodles. But this meal had to be awesome, so I went ahead and created Awesome.
I went to Spar, bought my ingredients and surprised myself not only with good food, but also an interesting life lesson.

This is my recipe. Let me know what you think (and don’t forget to go check out all the entries on BraaiBoy’s Facebook page):

Baas de Beer’s Chilli Mince & Sosatie madness:

R200 (2)
The meal consists of the following:

  • Chilli & Garlic Mince served in a hollowed out pepper (in this case green &red), as well as on a bed of lightly flavoured Couscous
  • A bacon-wrapped chicken sosatie/skewer
  • Braai-mielie (Corn on the cob)

R200 (19)


  • Extra Lean Mince – 700-800g
  • Chicken & Bacon Sosatie x 4
  • Sweetcorn x4
  • 150g Cheddar Cheese
  • Mixed Chillies & Garlic pack
  • Fresh Parsley
  • 250g Couscous
  • 4 Large Peppers (I like the green & red more than yellow)
  • Spices: Salt, white pepper, black pepper, Aromat
  • A swig of milk and a spoon of butter
  • Water


  1. Grab a beer with a mate, and light the fireR200 (21)
  2. Chop stuff:
    1. Chillies (quite a fine chop, but not mush)
    2. Parsley (also quite a fine chop)
  3. Hollow out big peppers by just cutting through the connecting bits and twisting out the centre (tip: use sharp, round tipped knife. Pointy ends make holes and that is bad)
  4. Crush the garlic (I added salt as you do, but also some white pepper)
  5. Wash your hands (Tip: Rub hands with salt and stroke with flat side of stainless steel knife. No more garlic smell)
  6. Finely grate cheese (Yummy tip: Take the bits of cheese that fall outside the grater, ad a tiny pinch of garlic and eat)
  7. Peal the corn
  8. Make sure to check your fire, should be halfway ready now, and time for another beer.R200 (22)
  9. Work your peppers, garlic and 95% of your parsley into the mince. Add salt (a decent sprinkle over all the mince)
    Chilli Tip: Not too much. I was in the mood for a sinus-clearing, earth shattering chilli, so I added quite about 4 times more than a normal human should serve. On average, I would say about 2 green/red, 4 yellow/orange will be good)
  10. Boil water (about 1 litre should do)
  11. Add lump of butter into pot, heat on full and add mince when warm.
  12. Quickly stir mince to brown a bit, and add water to mince level.
  13. Let this boil, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes. Turn down to a hectic simmer.
  14. By now your fire should be ready. Grab a beer and put your corn & sosaties on the fireR200 (17)
    1. Corn – You can pre-prep them in the microwave for about 8 minutes on high, inside a clean plastic bag. This saves time on the fire, but does take some of the authentic fire-taste away. When on the fire, do turn regularly.
      You CAN salt the corn on the fire, but seeing as this is a quite a spicy meal, I like to have the corn as is.
    2. Sosaties – Remember, there’s chicken in there, so you don’t want to dry it out too much. You won’t get crispy bacon anyway, so don’t aim for that. When almost done, pour some of the sosatie marinade/sauce over the sosaties.
  15. While braai is happening, go back to the mince and add a swig of milk. By now the mince water level in the mince should have substantially subsided.
  16. Also add the remainder of the sosatie marinade/sauce to the mince. Taste test, and add salt if needed. Stir.
  17. Make CousCous (this literally takes less than 5 minutes)
    1. Very important: Ignore what they tell you on the pack (they want you to make couscous yucky and gross)
    2. Lubricate saucepan/skillet with butter, add about 1 cm of warm water (ie water that boiled, but about 5 minutes ago) and add Couscous to water.
    3. Stir, and add water as needed to get almost a mash-texture. Remember, the heat is on, stir a LOT.
    4. Add ,some ground black pepper, salt and Aromat. Don’t over-flavour, as this will be a bit of a neutralising agent for the severity of the chillies.
    5. Stir some more, until it resembles course putu pap. Remove from heat.
  18. Put a layer of Couscous inside the hollowed out peppers. Not too much.R200 (18)
  19. Fill peppers with mince (strain as you do, don’t want sloppy peppers) and sprinkle cheese over top.
    1. Wrap peppers in foil, put in mostly dead fire for about 2 minutes. OR, if you (like me) forgot that you didn’t have foil at home, simply pop them into the microwave for a minute, just to melt the cheese.
    2. Sprinkle remainder of Parsley over the cheese.
  20. Once your sosaties are solid, and your cobs brown, remove and place on plates, alongside peppers. Spoon some Couscous and the remainder of the mince onto the plates.
  21. Voila! A Meal for Four for Less Than R200.

R200 (1)

My suggestion would be to pair this meal with a red wine, but not an expensive one, seeing as your very chilli mouth will not appreciate it. I went fora Café Culture Coffee Mocha 2014 Pinotage. Coz that’s what my mate Charlie brought over.

The thing I realised in doing this, was that you can really prepare a decent meal on quite  small budget.
In real life, I would say that you can ditch the ornamental peppers, buys some more mince, corn and add an onion to the mince. This would easily feed 8 people for under R250. As things are, I have enough Couscous, chillies, garlic and parsley left to make another interesting dish.

What do you think of my first attempt at food blogging?
Also, my first written recipe. Ever.
Do drop a comment below and feel free to tell BraaiBoy I am awesome.

Lastly, for the doubters:
Here’s a pic of the till slip to prove that it was all under R200


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