Blood Brothers – The most epic event SA has ever staged

24 Apr Blood Brothers - Ten

Blood Brothers10 of South Africa’s biggest music heroes.

One stage.

3 Hours of non-stop power hits.

Blood Brothers is ready to fight for their rightful rock legacy as South Africa’s first ever super group.

South Africa has a legion of rock legends and local talent – in the fight against cancer, and we’ve picked ten to take us to war. As one band, they’ll unite to conquer in their biggest struggle yet. They’ll perform the major hits that made them famous, plus they’ll take on songs from the international bands that influenced their sound. Never before have so many local legends agreed to partake in a venture of this magnitude for a good cause. History has been made even before the bloody battle begins.

Each Super Group band member has been cherry picked from our country’s premier crop of musicians and bands. The choices are bold, the talent undeniable, the result – unforgettable. Raw, razor sharp and ready for battle are 5 vicious vocalists: Arno Carstens, Albert Frost, Francois Van Coke, George van der Spuy and Kobus De Kock jnr. Bare-knuckled and armed with the ultimate artillery of guitars and bass, are Hunter Kennedy, Rian Zietsman and Loedi Van Reenen while Jason Hinch and Isaac Klawansky dirty up the drums as they lead their comrades into combat.

This ten-strong Super Group is a fearless and formidable force to be reckoned with as Blood Brothers blows up at the Big Top Arena, Carnival City on the 18th July 2015. Vrede Foundation is an initiative that aims to educate young people about cancer. By combining the toughest of the tough, this Super Group stands shoulder-to-shoulder in a sheer show of talent and rock glory for an excellent cause.

Blood Brothers - Ten

As Blood Brothers become brutes, may the chaos commence.

Blood Brothers are:


Francois Van Coke – Fokofpolisiekar / VanCoke Kartel
Kobus de Kock jnr – Black Cat Bones
Arno Carstens – Springbok Nude Girls
George Van Der Spuy – Taxi Violence, Goodnight Wembley
Albert Frost – Blues Broers


Hunter Kennedy – Fokofpolisiekar/Heuwels Fantasties
Rian Zietsman – Taxi Violence/Beast

Bass & Guitars

Loedi Van Reenen – Taxi Violence


Jason Hinch – Black Cat Bones

Isaac Klawansky – Shadowclub

Tickets will go on sale from Tuesday 28 April.  (The Cape Town event’s details will follow soon)

In the meantime you can follow and like and go crazy:
Blood Brothers Facebook | @BloodBrothersSA (twitter)

Now I for one can’t wait for this gig.
I do believe that if you -like me- love good music, you will be there.

And when you see me there, don’t bug me, I’ll be so into the music I won’t even notice you ;)

All photos by André Badenhorst. Check him out on Facebook and Tumbler.
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Karen Zoid is drowning out the noise

23 Apr Karen Zoid mid shot - Morne van Zyl

DROWN OUT THE NOISE-KAREN ZOIDKaren Zoid is back with a new album, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

The news of this album reached me shortly after Karen’s runaway success with Francois van Coke on Francois’ solo album with the song “Toe vind ek jou” (pushing 325 000 views on YouTube as I am writing this). Epic timing, if you ask me… Even better, she has since surpassed Francois’ album to take the number one spot for album downloads on iTunes in South Africa!

The album is called Drown Out The Noise, and these are the songs on it:

  1. Drown out the Noise.
  2. Secrets and Lies.
  3. Troublemaker. (with Zolani Mahola from Freshlyground.)
  4. We`re all gonna die Someday.
  5. Smile. (with Francois van Coke.)
  6. Where there`s a will.
  7. You can show it.
  8. Justice! Justice!
  9. Nightingale
  10. People Never Learn.

These songs were written and recorded over an entire year, and we can be sure of her typical cleverly worded lyrics combined with soulful, honest vocals. Karen has never been one to beat around the bush when it comes to saying what she wants to say, so why should this album be any different? Man, I love this woman’s music! (Just had to put it in there (No, don’t make that joke now, I know what you’re thinking))

On the production side of things, Zoid teamed up with the legendary Theo Crous again, who is well known for his super-but-not-over-produced production skills.

I have been quite adamant about my stance that artists should shy away from full albums, and focus more on regular singles. However, Karen’s argument for a full album is rather compelling: “It will be sad if everyone just records singles. It doesn`t allow for a complete story to take shape.”
I hear what she’s saying. If you bring out an entire album, you have the opportunity to not only pop out great songs, but also to add meaning to those songs by making it part of a collective. The whole in this instance being greater than the sum of the parts thereof. A challenge indeed, but one I am sure that Karen Zoid, Queen of South African Rock, is more than capable of meeting.

Karen Zoid mid shot - Morne van ZylWill this be the same Zoid I fell in love with back in 2001?
No, it won’t, and there was a time in my life when this fact would have saddened me.
I grew up, however, and realised that artists *gasp shock horror* need to do that too. I have learnt to appreciate not only the nostalgia old songs bring, but the depth new material can carry with it.

Karen Zoid is drowning out the noise with songs that say something, in a way that only she can. I look forward to hearing the entire album, and join The Zoid on this next stretch of her musical journey.

Stay up to date on what’s happening in Karen Zoid’s sphere of existence:

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Jason vs Jason: The post I really hate writing

7 Apr Black Cat Bones 2
Jason Oosthuizen (photo by Gillian Coetzee)

Jason Oosthuizen (photo by Gillian Coetzee)

I did not want to write this post, or any other post of this nature. Ever.

You see, this touches on a subject that delves into speculation. It is bound to be subjective no matter how hard one tries to be objective. And, most of all, I find posts like these akin to gossip tabloids (eeew). I mean, what’s next? Do I have to start writing about what who wore, and who broke up with who? *pukes*
But, over the recent long weekend, so many silly people asked me for my opinion, that I decided to formulate one, so here it is:

Jason (Hinch) vs Jason (Oosthuizen)

Hinch is out of The Black Cat Bones, and Oosthuizen (ex-Van Coke Kartel) is in.

I find the Black Cat Bones to be one of my favourite bands, locally and internationally. I love their music, love the band and generally love the type of people that appreciate their music.
The fact that they now have a new drummer, is rather inconsequential. Did Hinch play an important part in the band? YES! Did he play a pivotal part? Sadly, no. Is he a great drummer? Nope, he is a BRILLIANT drummer.

Jason Hinch (Photo by Henry Engelbrecht)

Jason Hinch (Photo by Henry Engelbrecht)

I believe that the Bones’ sound did benefit from having Hinch there, just as it will benefit from having Oosthuizen in the mix. It’s not like they will suddenly start sounding like Van Coke Kartel.

I actually only have the following messages for these people (and if they read this, awesome):

  • Jason Hinch: You are a trooper. A brilliant drummer. Do not let this minor setback get you down. I believe you have it in you to become one of the most respected drummers SA has ever had!
  • Jason Oosthuizen: Welcome to The Bones. I look forward to rocking out with you at many gigs to come (just need to convert you to Jose Cuervonism)
  • Black Cat Bones: Guys, thank you for the music. Coz that’s all that matters.
  • The one doos that tried to get me to hate BCB now coz of the change: You sir, are a prat, and nothing better than a fickle pop fan. Please FOAD.
  • To everyone else: Let’s just love the music, and let the band take care of the business.

In the end, if the super hot girl/guy you like decide to paint her/his house a colour you hate, will this make that person less sexy? I doubt it. So the same here.

Now I honestly don’t know why you are still reading this, rather go listen to some music or have a tequila.


Black Cat Bones

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