Throwback To Thrashers with The Narrow at Aandklas

21 Dec IMG_6627

Do you remember Thrashers?
I do.

IMG_6658The first ever live performance that I watched was at Thrashers back in ’05. I remember that the skater girls made me nervous (I wasn’t very cool back then), while their jock boyfriends looked absolutely terrified to be there.

I remember the police raid, and the absolute panic that the jocks went into, realising that the skater girls they were ogling might just get them kicked off of the rugby team. I remember laughing myself into a stupor at the stoners rushing to get rid of any bankies that they may (or may not) have had with them.

Mostly, however, I remember the moment I heard The Narrow live for the first time. I remember being the shortest kid in the crowd in a stuffy little gig area, and trying my best to get to the front of the stage. I remember Hanu’s voice when he sang the first line of Lonely-Lonely.

IMG_6627Thursday 10 December, I got to relive that beautiful moment that solidified my love of South African Rock music. Aandklas Hatfield played host to The Narrow and The Barbosa Experience. As always, Aandklas did a fantastic job, ensuring that everyone was welcomed with a smile and that the venue did not burst at the seams.

We arrived earlyish, at 20:00, with Pedro Barbosa and the gang kicking off the Rock at 21:00. Pedro, whom I have the pleasure of having known for a couple of years, is by far one of the most entertaining frontmen that has IMG_6546ever graced a South African stage. Back in the day he was lead singer for a little-known band called Mrs. B. He has a way of entertaining everyone that sees him perform, even old Indian ladies at a very traditional Indian wedding (even though his lyrics are borderline perverse and his mannerisms on stage are somewhat provocative).

When The Narrow took to the stage, I was still outside having one of those DMC’s with my best mate that happen when you are newly single and he knows you have a penchant for making trouble when there is no-one keeping you reigned in, so I ended up being at the back of the gig area when we went inside for the show. This, however, was not an issue, as I did not need to fight my way to the bar for a drink.

IMG_6610The guys from The Narrow had total control over the stage, making it easy to still be the shortest guy in the crowd.  I had the momentary insanity of headbanging to Travellers and Lonely-Lonely again after ten years. My body isn’t what it used to be though, so the recovery took a little longer than it did after that first gig at Thrashers. And, as with that first gig, there were a couple of people that had taken their enjoyment of the evening a little too far.

Public Service Announcement: Do not take in anything other than alcohol, in decent amounts, or cigarettes when going out in public. Stay safe kids.

IMG_6673Now this is where the honourable mention to Hanu De Jong comes in. After being lovingly embraced by a girl who may have had a little bit of difficulty standing on her own, he did not (as many acts might have done) end the show or throw a hissy fit. He ensured that she was okay, making sure that she got off of the stage safely (with some help from Baas de Beer, who seems to magically appear wherever he is needed) without falling and getting hurt. I believe that the girl is okay, she may just have had to nurse a hangover from hell.

So all in all, my nostalgic trip down memory lane with the soundtrack supplied by one of my favourite South African acts was one for the books. I got to relive my glory days, realising that I will never again have the energy of a 15-year-old, and having another unforgettable evening with some of my best friends at one of my favourite places.

Post by Michael King, who occasionally finds time to write stuff in between being pretty and rocking the marketing world.

All photos courtesy of Henno Kruger Photography. Also check out his awesome blog, Running Wolf’s Rant



WIN Tickets to see Creed’s Scott Stapp and more

8 Dec Scott Stapp 01

This weekend Scott Stapp, the voice of legendary Rock band Creed, kicks off his world tour with his first ever South African shows.

I have a double ticket to give away to both the Pretoria and Joburg shows, so read through and find the competition details below…

 South African fans will be hearing a selection of the biggest Creed songs live as Scott Stapp takes to the stage with his full band, rocking out to hits such as “With Arms Wide Open”, “Higher”, “My Sacrifice”, and “One Last Breath”. Each concert is set to be an explosion of pure Rock & Roll and will bring an unforgettable live show to every city.

Scott Stapp 02Get ready for a rock show to remember” says Scott Stapp. “For the first time I will be bringing my South African fans on a journey through my life with music from Creed and my solo albums.

Joining Scott Stapp on stage at each of the shows will be a selection of SA’s top artists. The tour kicks off at the Botanical Gardens in Pretoria on Saturday the 12th of December and sees a power line-up with Scott Stapp and local guests Karen Zoid, Van Coke Kartel, Lost&Found, and IV4 take to the stage.

Van Coke Kartel by Henry EngelbrechtSunday the 13th of December at Heia Safari Ranch will have Jozi rock out to Scott Stapp and guest artists Prime Circle, Lost&Found and Howie Combrink, and Cape Town closes off the tour with Scott Stapp and Van Coke Kartel at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Tuesday the 15th of December.


Scott Stapp co-founded and fronted Creed, achieving great commercial success in the late 90’s with singles such as With Arms Wide Open, My Sacrifice, One Last Breath and Higher. Creed released three consecutive multi-platinum albums, of which ‘Human Clay’ has been certified diamond, collectively selling over 53 million albums worldwide and becoming the ninth best-selling artist of the 2000s. In 2001 With Arms Wide Open also won Creed a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. Stapp pursued his solo career after Creed went on break in 2004 and released two solo albums with his debut The Great Divide (2005) and the most recent release Proof of Life (2013).


Watch the Creed music video for “One Last Breath”:


Dates for Scott Stapp – The Voice of Creed – Live In SA, are:

Saturday, 12 December – National Botanical Gardens, Pretoria

Sunday, 13 December – Heia Safari Ranch, Johannesburg

Tuesday, 15 December – Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town


Tickets are limited for each venue, so be sure to purchase yours before they sell out to avoid disappointment.


For more information go to


Music video for “Scott Stapp – My Sacrifice (Planet Rock Live Session)”:



Saturday, 12 December – In Association with TUKS FM – National Botanical Gardens, Pretoria

Line-up: Scott Stapp, Karen Zoid, Van Coke Kartel, Lost&Found, IV4

Address: 2 Cussonia Ave, Pretoria

Gates Open: 2pm

Get Tickets:

Ticket Pricing: R375 (excluding booking fee)


Sunday, 13 December – Heia Safari Ranch, Johannesburg

Line-up: Scott Stapp, Prime Circle, Lost&Found, Howie Combrink

Address: 59 Beyers Naude drive, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg

Gates Open: 12pm

Get Tickets:

Ticket Pricing: R375 (excluding booking fee)


Tuesday, 15 December – In Association with BOK RADIO – Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town

Line-up: Scott Stapp, Van Coke Kartel

Address: Rhodes Dr, Newlands, Cape Town

Gates Open: 6pm

Get Tickets:

Ticket Pricing: R395 (excluding booking fee)



Tour Website:



To enter to win tickets to either the Joburg or Pretoria shows, all you need to do:

  • Go to the competition post on Facebook
  • Like the page and share the post with your friends.
  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday 9 December at 12:00.


Scott Stapp 01

All people are idiots…

1 Sep youare
“All people are idiots, until they prove themselves not to be”Baas de Beer
durakYou will hear me repeat this phrase, quite often.
If you need any proof, simply take a look at any medium-and-up size event on Facebook.
I just did.
Details are on the event itself, as well as in the description, and on the graphics (event header & poster)
About 75% of the comments are questions relating to date, time, venue… seriously, you lazy bastards, read.
I take that back, it’s not that you’re lazy. You physically had to open the event, and scroll past the details to ask about the details. You are just plain stupid.
Stupid-Progressive-IdiotsI can still understand that if the event was set up by an idiot, one of these details might be missing. However, this specific event was set up perfectly. Everything was where it should be.
There are millions of other reasons why it is obvious that humanity’s demise will be stupidity, just open your eyes and look around you. What do you see? Tell me…
So what’s the moral of this story?
Prove yourself to not be an idiot. Don’t do it for me, or for anyone else. But do it for yourself.
THINK before you speak. The all too uncommon common sense is your friend.
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